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Album Review - English Graffiti by The Vaccines

“We wanted to make something that sounds amazing next year and then terrible in 10 years!” is what frontman Justin Young said a few months ago in an interview with NME. 432 more words

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Track Of The Week // Florence + The Machine - Delilah

Yes, Florence + The Machine returns yet again for Track Of The Week, this time with the final song we’ll hear before the bands upcoming third album at the start of June. 174 more words

Track Of The Week

XIA (시아): Love Breath (사랑숨)

화려한 불빛들 속에 잠시 그댈 잊곤 해
hwaryeohan bulbitdeul soge jamsi geudael itgon hae
In between the flashing lights, I forget you for a moment… 338 more words

Korean Album

XIA (시아): Hate Those Words (그 말 참 밉다)

잘해주지 말아요 잘해주면 안 돼요
jalhaejuji marayo jalhaejumyeon an dwaeyo
Don’t be good to me, you can’t be good to me

그대 원하는 바램처럼 잊으려고 애쓰잖아요 311 more words

Korean Album

XIA (시아): Hello Hello

서두르지마 두 눈에 그녈 담을 수 있게
seodureujima du nune geunyeol dameul su itge
Don’t rush so I can put her in my eyes

조금 더 기다려줘 웃으며 Hello Hello Hello Hello… 353 more words

Korean Album

XIA (시아): F.L.P

넌 날 들뜨게 해 바보처럼 너 없인 아무것도 아닌 걸
neon nal deultteuge hae babocheoreom neo eopsin amugeotdo anin geol
You make me excited like a fool, I’m nothing without you… 625 more words

Korean Album

XIA (시아): Love You More

유난히 차가운 그 손을 감추듯 빼내지 아무 말없이
yunanhi chagaun geu soneul gamchudeun ppaenaeji amu mareopsi
Your hands felt even colder as you take it out of my hands like you’re hiding… 380 more words

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