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I’m trying to help someone with the illustrations in his cook book and he wanted a picture oh his self drawn.

This is what I came up with.

"365++ Drawing Days"


I’m just plain frustrated these days, I can’t seem to make what I need to make AND THAT!…is frustrating :(

"365++ Drawing Days"


This past few days I’ve been trying to create a character, for a project that I’ve been trying to turn into reality. It took quite a lot of time just to find what I want. 144 more words

"365++ Drawing Days"


I’ve been doing some sketches for a project that I’ve been planning for months now, here is a concept for an alien farming race.

"365++ Drawing Days"


So today, I was just trying to design a character based from a real live person.

Nothing special for now, just a practice sketch that hopefully will help me in the days to come because I’m trying to prepare for something big.

"365++ Drawing Days"