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Improvement in the 3rd degree

And so we present the exciting conclusion to Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dialysis.  Let’s do a quick case review.  The patient presented with a very wide complex heart rate in the 120’s.   362 more words


What is the purpose of a Masonic Lodge?

Just like every other Mason with a blog, I’ve been putting together my own little set of “Lodge Improvement” posts.  My plan was to start releasing them soon, but I was caught off guard by a question posed by one of our Past Masters.   1,743 more words


Third Degree (Greg Iles)

Third Degreee is a novel by Greg Iles.
Finished on: 11.2.2017

Laurel used to have an affair with Danny, who is also married, but they couldn’t keep it up any longer and ended things recently – only for Laurel to discover that she’s pregnant. 416 more words


A disgrace to civilization

In 1913, William Kirk, a realtor, was arrested for driving with a missing tail light and taken to Chicago’s 22nd Street police station. While he waited for the paper work on his arrest to be processed, Kirk watched a police officer, later identified as Peter Bronson, bring a young man into the station. 731 more words

20th Century

Sweatbox Methods

In late summer 1902, a range of people from judges to civic leaders to everyday citizens spoke out against use of the sweatbox in Chicago. Their reaction was prompted by stories of Oscar Thompson’s treatment at the hands of Chicago’s police ( 474 more words

20th Century

Judge Guerin and the 3rd Degree

In late fall 1918, Judge Henry Guerin, recently elected to the bench, wrote to the Marcus Kavanagh, chief judge of the Cook County criminal courts. Guerin asked Kavanagh to order an investigation into the use of the third degree. 464 more words

20th Century