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Publicist Picks: Planet Building, the King of Surfing, and Other May Books

Rosemary Sekora and Anna Weir represent Team Publicity at UNP. Today they share their thoughts about a few upcoming titles they’re particularly excited about as readers.  379 more words

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What a convoluted "third degree"?

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I’m not sure if there is a word in the English language that has so many meanings and idioms related to it that all really mean the same thing (my communication professor would kill me with this topic sentence, can hear him saying, ‘No, no, no!’). 237 more words

These General Anxieties

What is in a name? Sometimes we think about where our names come from, why we were named such, or if our names have any meaning. 1,332 more words


Publishers Weekly's review of Greg Iles' novel 'Third Degree'

Publishers Weekly’s review of Greg Iles’s novel “Third Degree” says “the characters continually make decisions and react in ways that defy logic,” which has me somewhat interested in the book as a work of absurdism. 326 more words

Improvement in the 3rd degree

And so we present the exciting conclusion to Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dialysis.  Let’s do a quick case review.  The patient presented with a very wide complex heart rate in the 120’s.   362 more words


What is the purpose of a Masonic Lodge?

Just like every other Mason with a blog, I’ve been putting together my own little set of “Lodge Improvement” posts. My plan was to start releasing them soon, but I was caught off guard by a question posed by one of our Past Masters. 1,743 more words


Third Degree (Greg Iles)

Third Degreee is a novel by Greg Iles.
Finished on: 11.2.2017

Laurel used to have an affair with Danny, who is also married, but they couldn’t keep it up any longer and ended things recently – only for Laurel to discover that she’s pregnant. 416 more words