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Doctor Who re-watch - Season Ten

Season 10

I’m alive!

Which may seem an odd thing to say, as I’m obviously typing this, but honestly, I’m finally at a point in… 98 more words


An Unearthly Podcast: Day of the Daleks

In our 106th episode, the AUP crew warps into the next Doctor, as we talk about the 3rd Doctor’s first run in with the Daleks!

Science Fiction

Random things I noticed from watching 'The Mutants'

There are plenty of essays and articles about the social commentary and technical realisation of ‘The Mutants’, all over the internet. This is not one of them. 612 more words

Doctor Who

Checking out Classic Who: The Five Doctors

After the success of Doctor Who’s tenth anniversary story, The Three Doctorsit was time for another anniversary story in 1983. Tom Baker had played the Fourth Doctor for a record seven years and regenerated into Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor in 1981. 618 more words


The spider incantation - Planet of the Spiders

Planet of the Spiders Part One first aired 41 years ago today…


Recasting the early Doctors

Tim Treloar is to employ his uncanny impression of Jon Pertwee in playing the Third Doctor in Big Finish’s upcoming Third Doctor Adventures range. Hear him above. 366 more words

Doctor Who

The Brigadier and the Fourth Doctor

The Brigadier is a companion that is seen all through classic who. He is all along the Doctor’s timeline. The fourth Doctor no longer was no longer bound to earth like Pertwee’s doctor. 43 more words