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The Monster of Peladon

Ever since my extremely positive reaction to The Curse of Peladon, I was aware that the sequel is widely considered to be a poor relation of the original. 611 more words

Third Doctor

54 - Doctor Who and the Silurians

Jon Pertwee’s second adventure is most easily remembered for the production gaffe that saw the title appear as “Doctor Who and the Silurians” – after the team neglected to remember the naming convention that it should be curtailed to “The Silurians.” While this alone makes the story unique in the history of classic Doctor Who, there is plenty else to note in this exceptional adventure. 574 more words

Death to the Daleks

Yes, Daleks again. It feels like they’ve only just been in it – obviously there’d have been a nearly a year between this and the last one… 542 more words

Third Doctor

'The Three Doctors' Revisited

This week, I revisit the Tenth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.  Spoilers obviously follow.

Key Players:

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Jo Grant (Katy Manning), … 1,295 more words

Doctor Who

Nothing wrong with a mighty obscure reference.

“The Time Monster” is the much maligned season 9 finale of classic Doctor Who. Aired over six weeks in May/June 1972, it sees the Master posing as a university professor in an attempt to release and control Kronos, an ancient being from outside time worshipped by the citizens of Atlantis. 372 more words


Invasion of the Dinosaurs

You know how I’ll always champion the use of special effects in early Who, regardless of whether or not they quite work, because of the fabulous innovation and imagination on display? 522 more words

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The Time Warrior

First of all, NEW TITLES! I very much approve, even if Jon Pertwee looks rather bored in his photo at the beginning. The effects look great, and I like the chunky, bold new font – it immediately feels much more recent than the previous style. 515 more words

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