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The Third Doctor: Action Man Or Inert Lump Of Carbon?

He was a master swordsman. He was familiar with firearms, and not afraid to gun down an Ogron or two. He was skilled in the art of hand to hand combat, thanks to his knowledge of Venusian Akido, or Venusian Karate, or as Sgt. 2,136 more words

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Doctor Who? The Third Doctor

At the Beginning of the Seventh series we were introduced to a new Doctor veteran actor Jon Pertwee, who took over the role from Patrick Troughton. 824 more words

Picture of the Day: Behind Door #2

From 1971: Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning during filming of Colony in Space


The Curse of Peladon

Brian Hayles

‘I thought you would bring me the crown of kingship. Are you going to bring me death instead?’ King Peladon

29th January – 19th February 1972… 1,366 more words

Third Doctor

Day of the Daleks

Louis Marks

1st – 22nd January 1971

‘Who-eh-ver-is-op-per-rate-ing-the-time-mah-chine-is-an-eh-ne-my-of-the-Daleks.-All-eh-ne-mies-of-the-daleks-must-be-deh-stoyed!-Exterminate them!’


The Memory Cheats

This was the first time I saw the Daleks. I was hyped by the BBC who must have trailed the story extensively over the Christmas period. 1,568 more words

Third Doctor

The Wartime Chronicles review on Starburst

I had a chance to watch The Wartime Chronicles from Reeltime Pictures. John Levene reprised Sgt Benton and even if the story isn’t fully explained, Andy Lane and Helen Stirling wrote an intriguing piece, which runs to just over 30 minutes. 36 more words

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