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Picture of the Day: Pertwee Without Pants

….at least without his trademark Dandy pants. From 1970, rehersing for Inferno.


Three Sword Fighting with the Master

Jon Pertwee is what made the role of the Doctor more action like, doing martial arts and apparently sword fighting.

Harvest of Time

“The Harvest of Time” by Alastair Reynolds is sn original Doctor Who novel featuring the Third Doctor (my favourite), the original Master (Roger Delgado incarnation) and the folks at UNIT. 155 more words

For the Love of Jelly Babies

My question is this, did the writers or someone want the fourth doctor’s quirk to be jelly babies? Here is my reasoning, even before the lovable Tom Baker ever had a jelly baby bag in his hand, the second doctor had offered a jelly baby. 54 more words

Doctor Who

Canaanabis Roach - Doctor Who fan fiction (NSFW)

The Doctor appears late in this sordid tale. All the attention is given to the protagonist of Canaanabis Roach. He’s special and he’s just been given the power of speech. 4,694 more words

Short Story

Classic Doctor Who DVD Recs - The Third Doctor

This is my third post of DVD recommendations for Classic Doctor Who.

  • William Hartnell, The First Doctor Recommendations can be found here.
  • Patrick Troughton, The Second Doctor Recommendations can be found…
  • 1,507 more words
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Classic Who intro Remake

The Third Doctor brought color into the Doctor Who line. Most the Doctors in the Classic Who had the same type of intro, the waves of the first Doctor (but now in different colors), with their face faded in. 17 more words