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Book Review - Doctor Who: Shadow of the Past

  • Title: Shadow of the Past
  • Series: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles
  • Author: Simon Guerrier
  • Director: Lisa Bowerman
  • Characters: ┬áDr. Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw, Sgt. Marshall, Third Doctor, Capt.
  • 864 more words

Have I Got Whos For You (Vernal Equinox Edition)

I am working on something resembling new content, honest, but I’m also writing a book. So you’re going to have to be patient, OK?

With that in mind, here’s two scenes, sandwiched together. 65 more words

Have I Got Whos For You

Novelization/Audiobook review - 'Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters'

Hello everyone! :)

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Today, I’ve added my review on the novelization/audiobook called ‘Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters’ 107 more words


Doctor Who? Index Page

A while ago I began chronicling the fictional history of the person know as the doctor. For my complete treatise on the subject see below. 39 more words

Doctor Who: Inferno (1970)

UNIT is providing security for an experimental drilling project designed to penetrate the Earth’s crust. The recently exiled Doctor, played by an impeccably dressed Jon Pertwee, is on hand to advise and hopefully abscond with something to fix his broken TARDIS. 168 more words

TV Reviews

Spearhead From Space - Episode 2

You can’t help but feel that audiences at the time were quite disoriented by the time the second part of Jon Pertwee’s inaugural story comes to a close. 369 more words


Dr Who and Myers Briggs

The following list is my attempt at classifying the various original series Doctor incarnations and companions according to the MBTI. It’s not definitive by any means just my opinion and like many other things is a work in progress and subject to change. 182 more words

Dr Who