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The Third Eye Chakra-What is the meaning?

“I Believe”

Location: Forehead, between and slightly above eyebrows.

Color: Indigo

Gland: Pituitary gland

Body: Lower Brain. Nose. Mouth. Ears. Left Eye. Central Nervous System. Face. 524 more words

Third Eye Chakra

Day 4

Word choice: Enjoy, Journey, and failure.

Wherever there’s failure there’s success. Failure hurts but it’s indeed a part of life, I’ve failed more than I would ever admit. 121 more words


Day 3

Word choice: Beyond, Circumstance, Joy

I try to never let negative people and horrible circumstances steal my joy. One bad situation can bring stress upon anyone and how you react to it determines your emotional state. 110 more words


Seven Days of Affirmations

I’m doing the seven days of affirmations presented by the lovely journalist Alex Elle.
Its day two and I am a bit behind on the challenged but better late than never right! 303 more words


Third eye chakra

     The sixth chakra is located on your forehead between your two physical eyes.  It’s color is indigo or deep blue.  This chakra deals with your intuition and psychic abilities.   169 more words

The Third Eye Chakra…I can see you and I’m not even looking

Ahhh, the Third Eye Chakra.  This is the chakra most of us new age, hippy, spiritual, intuitive, tarot reading tribe like to talk about.  We all want our third eye to be blasted open so that we can “see” what other’s can’t.  773 more words

Chakra Series

DEBORAH KING: “7 Tips To Buff Up Your Chakra System”

Energy medicine promotes healing by working within an individual’s personal energetic field and seeing how it interacts with the larger energy field. We can tell what’s happening with someone by checking in on their 7 main chakras, the centers of energy that run from the base of the spine up through the top of the […]

14 more words
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