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Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): 

This is an important Chakra since it is the key to learning and wisdom. It allows you to put things in perspective and helps differentiate between reality and fantasy. 208 more words


Third Eye Transformation : Modification For The 5D `New Earth` Matrix

“There is no reality, only perception”   – Phil McGraw


I continue to be amazed by the intense work being done on the Ajna center (or… 1,252 more words

28 Days of Love: Exercise to Connect the Heart and Third Eye Energy Centers

Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday we had an intense conversation on the role of the heart and third eye energy centers. At the conclusion of our discussion I shared a bit about how to explore the connection between your emotions and your psychic abilities. 822 more words


Box of 2017

Going into the new year of 2017 started off pretty rough. The clinician at my previous job gave me the idea of making a forgiveness box for those who brought negativity in my life. 260 more words


Chakra Healing Bracelet - Shamballa Bracelet - African Turquoise Gemstone beads

Genuine semi-precious natural gemstone beads. 6mm African Turquoise beads, adorned on Grade AAA high quality Natural Black leather cord. I only use the highest grade of leather that is certified lead, mercury, formaldehyde & chemical free. 124 more words

777 Chakra Workshop -- The Third Eye Chakra

The Ajna Chakra or better known as the Third Eye Chakra is sixth of the seven primary Chakras in Hindu Tantric thought.  Translated in Sanskrit as “command”. 536 more words


Chakras Crown & Third Eye

Now the wet-on-wet painting can begin. Yay! I love the way colors can flow together this way. I will concentrate on getting the symbols painted in the correct colors along with the areas around the figure before I begin to finish up the figure itself. 242 more words