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See BEYOND illusions with YOUR Third Eye Energy

The sixth chakra, our third-eye, has the potential energy to open up our ability to trust our intuition, to allow ourselves to ‘see’ beyond the evident and trust our ‘visions’. 1,060 more words


Third Eye Chakra Tarot Spread

Our Third Eye Chakra is the hub for our intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic ability. It is associated with our pineal gland, which Descartes called the “seat of the soul”. 1,036 more words


I see faces...

Have you ever been laying in bed, gently drifting into that in between awake and asleep space, you know what I’m talking about. But then started to see faces appearing to you clear as day?  454 more words

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Soul Tsunami

Cyclone Winston flattened Koro Island, Fiji last month. Lower areas were flooded by huge waves, trees were stripped, and houses blew into hundreds of pieces. Forty four people didn’t make it out alive, most because of flying debris. 674 more words

My Journey

Amethyst: A Recent Personal Experience

One late night last week I had a definite, profound experience with one of my crystals, a rough piece of an amethyst geode. The stone is considered ‘rough’ as it has not been run through a tumbler machine to smooth its edges and surfaces. 1,550 more words

Chaos Magick

Third Eye Wash

VISINE for the Third Eye Chakra as a Spring Clearing of the Chakras exercise.  What do you think?

We are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to how much of this universal energy we accept and how freely it flows through us. 1,282 more words