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#FunFriday: Third Eye Chakra

I’m not sure if it’s the deeper introspection required by this week’s chakra or what, but I’ve gone a bit more mellow with this week’s musical selections. 76 more words


#ThoughtfulThursday: Third Eye Chakra

Last week, working with the throat chakra helped us find ways to creatively communicate truth. Today, we continue our journey through the spiritual chakras and look to questions that will help us trust our inner wisdom associated with a balanced third eye chakra. 389 more words


#WellnessWednesday: Third Eye Chakra

When the third eye chakra is balanced, we are open to insights and trust our intuition. We are open to seeing patterns in a literal and figurative sense and have increased mental clarity and focus. 95 more words


#MondayMeditation: Third Eye Chakra

We continue our journey through the chakras this week with a look at the third eye chakra, or anja. The sixth chakra is the seat of intuition and mental clarity. 213 more words


Don't challenge your guidance!

I did it again, I got into a small battle with my guidance for their choice of today’s Card for our collective message. Third Eye Chakra… 77 more words

Energy Centers of our Soul

The roots of our being
Growing deeper,
With each passing day.
Grounded and balanced,
A Solid support.
In the energetic flow.
Within the scarlet glow. 185 more words


Chakras and their meaning

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning circular wheels of energy, in and around the body.
The 7 Chakras line up in the center of your body. 131 more words