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Third Quarter Jitters

In the United States, there’s arguably always been a “pioneer” mentality. For all that America is a melting pot of people from different cultures, we’re known collectively as individuals who value foresight, innovation, and the willingness to take a risk . 1,012 more words


Rotation Afoot?

The trading thus far in the third quarter has been starkly different from that in the first half of the year.  In the first half, the sectors that offer relatively high dividend yields enjoyed a huge influx of capital.  704 more words

Market Commentary

Moonlight Feels Right

It’s an amorphous blob of a week for me brought on by my monthly mini-vacay from Mecca… but I think it’s actually Wednesday today, so it’s time for me to dig through the annals of my shitty photography to bring you another installment of Picture Day at The Nest!  376 more words


A Good Knight's Love

By the age of sixteen, you might have already wondered about romantic relationships and romantic feelings. I, for one, noticed several pertinent points regarding those matters. 663 more words

Third Quarter

Water under the Bridge

Once, I saw someone get away with something terrible. Did I stand up for what’s right? Or did I just watch from the sidelines? Until now, I’ve regretted the choice I made that day. 775 more words

Third Quarter

The Discipline of Passion

I looked up at the enchanting blue sky and asked myself, “Where do I really I want to go?” And it was the same old answer; empty silence. 576 more words


Giving Gratitude in the Waning Moon

I love that we always have the opportunity to start again in this life – every day, every month, every year. We can start a new journey with each New Moon, moving through cycles very similar to the cycles of our Sun year, the seasons from Spring through to Winter… entraining with the Lunar energy for maximum effectiveness. 326 more words

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