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Jupiter at Oppostion

Hey, Sky Fans!

How goes? I hope you had a great weekend. Been a real busy day, and it ain’t over yet, but I wanted to remind everyone of this, a quick astro-programming note. 318 more words

Accentuation of Dillemas

/// Quantifiable Quandary

An experience as to which I was faced with a great dilemma was during summer of 2017, before the start of 10th Grade. 981 more words

Third Quarter

Reguerdon Rulings

/// Doubtful or Definitive Decisions

As a millennial who has gone through different things in life, I have yet to peak in the decisions which I will be making in my life, best to say that I truly am not complete with the decisions that I have and will be making. 749 more words

Third Quarter

Joke or Foul

/// Am I Joking?

I, as a student, am very cheerful and full of jokes. It has always been me ever since I’ve developed into the genuine and true person that I am. 966 more words

Third Quarter

Quarter Exams: better before or after the break?

By Ella Francia

For the first time in Raya, the students’ 3rd Quarter exams will be held this January, coming right after their Christmas break. … 348 more words

The Raya School

Soul Work for Third Quarter Moon in Cancer

La Luna has now completed three-quarters of her monthly journey and rises in the night sky late in the evening — close to midnight. Her face is 50% illuminated — half Light and half Dark — and exquisitely balanced for just a moment, then slowly continues to wane each day towards the end of her journey, marked by the full darkness of the Dark Moon / New Moon. 1,085 more words

Rituals And Ceremonies