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The Third Rail

Or the noble art of electrocuting yourself and living to laugh about it

Jazzers of a certain vintage used to refer to what we mostly now call “avoid notes” as “the third rail”. 435 more words

A) Soloing Scales & Modes

Book Review: "Third Rail" by Rory Flynn

I was on a reading tear this past summer. I went through something like six books in four weeks, which, if you knew how slowly I read, you would understand what an unbelievable pace that is for me. 611 more words


Full Circle: Anushay's Point Back On Al-Jazeera's Screens

Talk about coming full circle.

Three years ago Al-Jazeera English (AJE) took myself & AnushaysPoint.com on air by inviting me to be a guest on their social media driven show, The Stream. 302 more words

Violence Against Women

Benvenuto Andrea!

Monday 6th July, Andrea Pirlo is finally confirmed as a New York City FC player.  L’Architetto will play for the first time outside his native Italy on America’s East Coast, lining up alongside other star-signings Frank Lampard and David Villa. 393 more words

Immediate Fix Recommended For D.C. Subway Components

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal officials are recommending that Washington’s subway system immediately repair components that are designed to protect the electrified third rail from water and other contaminants. 112 more words


Fusion Fiction as Third Rail Writing.

Blog posts about banned books have shown that, unlike the other Arts, inappropriate taboos are still inflicted on the Art of Writing. These restrictions define and confine a Third Rail: supercharged concepts barricaded behind signs that say, … 598 more words

#NYCFC Home Opener

I went yesterday to Yankee Stadium for the historic home opener of the New York City Football Club (NYCFC).

I had bought a parking pass beforehand, saving a few dollars over paying there, and parked close to the exit ramp for a quick getaway afterwords. 194 more words