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Dignity and fair wages in Haiti

In a quiet farming hamlet in the northern part of Haiti, farmers were forcibly removed from fertile land to make way for a new industrial park… 132 more words

Building strong health systems must be a priority

Ebola has good reason to be considered a global health crisis, but it points to a larger weakness of health systems in developing countries and their lack of preparedness for outbreaks like Ebola, and others. 57 more words


The winding road from camps to villages

Reflections on a recent visit to one of Port-au-Prince’s remaning tent encampment¬†from Charissa Zehr:

Our host, Elie, told us about his experiences as a camp committee leader in Accra.

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Latin America/Caribbean

Zimbabwe Election Update

Julia Stafford writes about the recent Zimbabwean presidential election in the latest Third Way Cafe.

On July 31, the people of Zimbabwe re-elected President Robert Mugabe.

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Faith and Action for Haiti's Displaced

Danielle Crooks writes about housing issues in Haiti in the latest Third Way Cafe.

Currently, Haiti is experiencing a housing crisis and its government does not have a centralized institution to manage it.

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Latin America/Caribbean

Walls that Divide

Brandon Waggy writes about immigration reform in Third Way Cafe.

Over 11 million immigrants currently live in the United States without documentation. For many of them this country is home, even though they are not citizens. 

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A New Opportunity to Support Peace in Colombia

Rebekah Sears writes about aid to Colombia in Third Way Cafe.

The U.S. has been connected to Colombia through aid, trade and politics for many years.

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Latin America/Caribbean