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Thirsty Thursday: Ambi- (Feat. As Long as I Can, Krestfallen, Portrait Drawer, & A Pale December)

After days lost to the inane, I found myself fortunate enough to encounter a passing ship of relevancy in the night. Studies, candle-lit to prevent the mind’s fluorescent demise — that’s when I saw it. 582 more words

Black Metal

#thirstythursday / one thing kids get right that adults get wrong

Kids sure do seem to have a way of lighting up a room with their spontaneous joy and contagious laughter. Especially our own kiddos – I can look at them and start giggling in the midst of the toughest days. 368 more words

All Of The Daily

My Day to Rant

Having a filter is something that has disappeared over time and experiences in life. I have learned to control how often and when I rant about things but like a steamer pot, eventually I need to blow some steam off before my lid explodes and people get hurt. 475 more words

Thirsty Thursday

Well, folks, it’s been a few years since this old squirrel has seen a good stand of Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinals. But I did this week. 168 more words

Backyard Habitat

Thirsty Thursday bersama Pijar dan Dizzyhead

Ada satu pendapat dari seorang teman mengenai band yang melaksanakan ibadah tour luar kota, “Sebuah band diukur kesuksesan tour-nya saat dia berhasil ‘menampar’ band tuan rumah.” Saya tidak mengafirmasi ataupun menolak anggapan itu, namun barangkali bisa menjadi intermezzo dalam melihat fenomena sambang-sambang’an ini. 356 more words


Thirsty Thursday: IT

It was one of those weeks. Not one to be lost in well-restedness and routine, but to be remembered as soothingly inflamed, delicately engulfing, connectedly disengaging, pulsating with the heart of complex carnival. 1,570 more words

Thirsty Thursday