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#thirstythursday / whatever you're going through - overcome

I’m not sure what you’re facing tonight. I do know this – we all have something.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. 

We might hide it, we might run from it. 155 more words

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Heaven Hill: A Love Story

I love Heaven Hill. I do.

A lot of people give me no small amount of grief over that fact. But like whiskey off a Bob’s back, I let their snooty sneers wash right over me. 235 more words


#thirstythursday / the ultimate sign of maturity is walking away instead of getting even

A friend shared an article last night and I wish I could stand and shout every single word from the rooftop.

This opening paragraph grabbed my attention: 373 more words

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5 Simple Spooky Drinks for #ThirstyThursday

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6 more words

#thirstythursday / this battle is not yours

I don’t normally share scripture text in this length, but somebody needs to read this story tonight. That “somebody” might just be me.

Pause for 5 minutes. 1,625 more words

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And on the Third Day, They Rose Again: Making Moves with Kavyk, Chrch, & Grift

As of late, I’ve become overwhelmed with the urge to slice off the top of my skull, place my brain in the freezer, and reseal both vessels. 1,094 more words

Drunk In A Graveyard


This wretched disease has touched our lives again. Not me. A close family member. Prayers, good vibes, anything and everything positive are welcome and I thank you in advance. 143 more words