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November 26 - Aloha!

Today’s factismal: Mauna Kea means “white mountain”.

There’s no doubt that Hawaii is a beautiful place. It is covered with rainforests, surrounded by colorful reefs, and filled with brightly colored animals, plants, and tourists. 318 more words


Thirsty Thursday #4

Coconut Water

For this week’s Thirsty Thursday, I decided to explore the hype around Coconut Water.  What is coconut water?  It’s the clear liquid in the center of a coconut — usually young green coconuts.   329 more words

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Thirsty & Thankful Thursday

We squirrels are thankful for our little neighborhood family, our readers and of course this beautiful place we call home. And by that we mean both Reston and our Earth! 15 more words

Thirsty Thursday

#thirstythursday / when God sends beautiful messy friends to laugh and say, "ME TOO!" - and you feel a little less crazy

Have you had one of those days lately?

You know the kind.

Cue the 3 year old coughing her lungs out at 1am.
Said 3 year old moves her hacking-lung-self to your room at 5:30am. 710 more words

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Thirsty Thursday: Mango Tango Mixer

It’s Thursday and I don’t know how you feel, but I’m a little thirsty! I’ve been staying at my mother’s house the past couple of nights because my boyfriend, Nick, is in California and I prefer not to stay home alone! 203 more words


Thirsty Thursday: What About Your Friends?

In bar culture, your coworkers are apart of the pack. You fend off unruly patrons together, laugh at those same patrons together, and often times catch an after-work night cap together. 590 more words

Good Livin'

Thirsty Thursday #3

The Diet Coke Conundrum…

For today’s Thirsty Thursday, I’ve researched why diet coke (or all diet sodas) are bad for you.

Let me start by saying that I LOVE DIET COKE!   596 more words

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