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Lincoln: A top quality script and top quality acting

At the end of February Leonardo DiCaprio won the Academy Award for Best Actor at long last. That was for his role in The Revenant, where he played the hardy frontiersman Hugh Glass, and it was an award that I… 646 more words


Peonage Abolished In New Mexico

I like to bounce my opinions about social problems onto my friend Jorge.  He’s unafraid to objectively analyze issues that concern his personal Mexican-American heritage.  This time, in particular, I wanted to understand the traditional relationship known as “Patron-Peon”. 680 more words


Reconciliation Efforts End

March 1, 1861 – The Senate took up last-minute measures in the hopes of finally reconciling North and South and restoring the Union.

In their last days in session, senators considered three compromise proposals: 409 more words


What the Second Amendment Really Means

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed… 1,878 more words

The Black Codes: A Continuation of Unequal Treatment After The Civil War

 Black History: Special Delivery!!


The 13th Amendment ended slavery. However, Southern whites quickly found a way to attempt to control the freedom of blacks. They did so through the Black Codes. 238 more words

Black History

A President's Day Reflection" Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today is President’s Day and instead of doing much I am simply going to post one of the most poignant and meaningful speeches ever given by a President,  Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. 1,869 more words



Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (he was born 207 years ago, if you’re wondering), and a great way to commemorate the occasion would be to watch one of the best movies about American history ever made, the 2012 Stephen Spielberg film… 1,828 more words

American Civil War