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‘Tis the season: best-of lists, and some leisure time in which to put them to use…

Here’s NPR’s Best Books of 2015— 260 volumes that one can filter by type or interest. 86 more words

American Slavery, Reinvented

The Thirteenth Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”

Crops stretch to the horizon. 72 more words

Butchers’ Benevolent Association of New Orleans v. Crescent City Livestock Landing and Slaughterhouse Co. (1872)

Key Facts—The Louisiana legislature gave the Crescent City Livestock Landing and Slaughterhouse Co. a monopoly on livestock landing and slaughter in New Orleans, requiring that any person be allowed to slaughter animals in the slaughterhouse for a fixed fee. 121 more words


Chattel Slavery, Peonage, and Labor Under Capitalism

In a class I am taking that focuses on constitutional law, we have spent the first two weeks focusing on state action and consequentially the Fourteenth Amendment, from the initial limitations prescribed by the Civil Rights Cases in 1883 to the synthesis of the Edmonson-Lugar rule, which defines when private conduct constitutes state action (in the Edmonson case, this involved a private corporation being sued for personal injury damages using peremptory challenges to get ride of two Black people from the jury. 1,265 more words


The Negro Problem - Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken on a life of its own. The support – and opposition to BLM has been passionate and should not be surprising. 563 more words

Point Of View Columns

How Christopher Hitchens Became an American Citizen (Or, a Case Study in the Need for Immigration Reform)

“The American bureaucracy very swiftly overcompensates for any bright-eyed immigrant delusions. Nihil humanum a me alienum puto, said the Roman poet Terence: ‘Nothing human is alien to me.’ The slogan of the old Immigration and Naturalization Service could have been the reverse: To us, no aliens are human. 805 more words


The Slave Market (Snippets 23)

In 1829 Captain Basil Hall published a journal in 3 volumes of his tour of America, Travels in North America in the Years 1827 and 1828… 469 more words