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Can You Have a Facelift in your 30's?

Facelift procedures are incredibly popular for both men and women, for young and more matured patients. But should you consider getting a facelift in your thirties? 575 more words

Cosmetic Beauty

I've stopped comparing my thirties to my twenties and you should too

On New Year’s Eve 2014 my friend and I sat in a café pondering my imminent thirtieth birthday. “You seem really calm about it,” she said, her own thirtieth still a comfortable six months away. 582 more words


Tuning Into Your 30s

In my 20s I was under the impression that by the time you turn 30, your life is pretty much over.

Not sure why I thought that, but it’s possible I just didn’t know of any cool, successful women in their 30s. 890 more words

How to be kind to your single friends

Since my first post 6 years ago about being endangered, not much has changed in that part of my life. Well I have moved from being chronically single in my 20s to chronically single in my 30s. 420 more words


30 Things to Do Before I turn 30

Originally Published on my FB Page on September 29, 2011

This post was originally meant to be my Birthday Wishlist of all the things I wanted my Hubby to get me for my next Birthday even though it isn’t up for another 3 months, I wanted to give him a heads up considering how cleverly he had gotten away by giving me IOUs the whole of last year … well that’s topic for another post. 767 more words


The Age Factor: Women, what is wrong with age 30 and 35?

When she was a teenager, she wanted to be thought of as older, as senior girls seemed elegant, fashionable, smart and independent. Now that she is really older, youthful women appear more stylish, sophisticated, trim and attractive. 1,176 more words


Thank You For Being a Friend.

Relationships. Everyone in the world can relate because almost everyone, unless you are a hermit or a cat lady, encounters some form of a relationship in every day life. 735 more words