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“This American Life 596: Becoming a Badger,” a non-fiction audio story critique

Podcast link: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/596/becoming-a-badger

“Becoming a Badger” is a metaphor for people or animals who are trying to become something other than what they are. The badger reference in the story was inspired by a man named Charles Foster, who wanted to understand how animals perceived the world, so he actually lived, slept, and ate like a badger for about six weeks. 997 more words

MM Boot Camp

My Life in Bad Food: Killer Coke?

Did I ever tell you about the time a Diet Coke tried to kill me?


I kid you not.

Actually, soda has tried to kill me a couple of times…True ‘dat! 743 more words

Bad Cooking

Five Quick Takes 9.19.16

(1) Some years ago, I was one of several people working together to start an environmental organization. Among us was a man who lovvvvved drama. Not Shakespeare. 487 more words

Andy Goldsworthy

Podcasts and the Value of Story

We talk a lot at LeaderShape about the value of story. Our stories are powerful tools that help explain our perspective, provide examples, and create bonds through shared experiences. 658 more words

August 2016 // Spurred on by narratives - new and mundane

Life has changed. The rhythm of my working week has altered considerably. The same amount of hours in the day, but less flexibility in the filling of them. 388 more words

Spurred On By

dog walk podcasts #4

Yes, these posts are partly an excuse to add cute pictures of our dog! But I really do listen to all these podcasts while walking him. 197 more words


266. vilipend

Story time.

My sophomore year in college, the choir went on one of its many tours around the Midwest, including Vermillion, South Dakota, which (among other things) is home to the National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota. 983 more words