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Oh, The Places I've Lived (Part 1)

The other day on This American Life I heard an Australian author discuss all of the places he’s lived and what significance they had to him. 696 more words

Open your ears.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. I used to listen to music when I was out walking, or the radio when I was in the car, or occasionally the sound of my own deafening thoughts ringing through my brain, but podcasts are my current audio choice. 572 more words


The Rise of Performative Podcasting

In the genre of documentary podcasts, a small group of creators have chosen to depart from traditional storytelling traditions. In the past, the documenting methods have been limited to either observational, where the creator researches and narrates a topic, or participatory, where he or she interviews subjects and shapes the narrative as a conversation. 1,556 more words


The First Serialized Musical ... Wait, What?

I’m just going to throw out a few words to you: podcast, satire, true crime, musical.

Many times I feel I’m quite often on the search for a new podcast; either a season has ended, or I’m patiently waiting for the one episode per week to drop. 1,099 more words


Accessibility with Technology

Upon watching this video, a story about the life of Mike Phillips and the accessibility tools he has to use daily, I realized just how tough it can be to go through life with every possible obstacle standing in your way. 290 more words

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Essential Listens

There are all sorts of podcasts out there: comedy, sports, drama, niche interest… there’s something on just about every subject you can imagine. But what I love are… 874 more words