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An introductory post

Fuck first posts.

I have to get this over with, but I’m not a huge fan. Basically what’s up is on the maybe daily I will be vomiting out all the questions and concerns I have that come up on the podcasts I listen to, but forget to say anything about later in the day. 161 more words

About Race

Episode 65 - Philly Geek Award Winner Maki Naro


Maki Naro joins Brad to talk about his online comic Sufficiently Remarkable and his love of science and podcasts.

The Digressions:


Friday faves

During the winter months I tend to lean on podcasts pretty heavily for our extra long commutes. On rotation these days: This American Life, … 227 more words


Didn't we solve this one? 


This is a good but often incredibly sad discussion with some very brief moments of light. It’s actually a bit unexpectedly emotive after the first few minutes which made me chuckle a bit and I particularly like the start of Sarah’s story of finding how great she was at a life she never expected to encounter. 170 more words

All the worries of the world on your shoulder, child.

(This post was inspired by the episode “Kid Logic” of the podcast This American Life)

Every time I see kids crying or whining or doing any sort of kid-thing, I fail to demonstrate any sort of human sympathy, mostly due to my general lack of empathy and the fact that I am not a kid-person. 1,012 more words


Новогодние обещания

Так как в Америке главный праздник – Рождество, то празднование Нового года проходит не так масштабно как в России. Но неотъемлемая часть этого праздника – это New Year resolutions – ведь так удобно начать жизнь с чистого листа с первого дня нового года. 18 more words

Sarah Vowell's The Partly Cloudy Patriot

Given recent electoral outcomes, reading essays about American political history probably doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but I found going into This American Life regular Sarah Vowell’s back catalog to be very refreshing. 244 more words

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