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Five Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I am a podcast addict, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

The beauty of the podcast is its utter portability. I listen while I drive, while I run, while I cook, clean and do laundry. 769 more words


Diction, Eloquence, ISIS and The Big Lie

Growing up in the 60’s, and the brave new era of TV, I can remember with great fondness some of the eloquent, important speeches given by US Presidents. 418 more words


This American Life (Story)

B is newly obsessed with This American Life. As far as I am concerned, this is a sign of excellent taste on his part. 100 more words

City Life

My Life In Bad Food, 8: Oh, My! How Did You Get That Color?

Cooking takes instinct.

And when instinct fails, skill should kick in.

When skills fails…oh, well.

I had gone to an event and got roped into staying for dinner. 679 more words

Armistead Maupin

Cram These in Your Ear!

Podcasts for Today’s Discerning Crowd of Undifferentiated¬†Millennials

Shove an earbud in the bud of your ear these days and you’re able to listen to practically every word or note ever spoken or noted in the recorded history of man. ¬† 1,880 more words


Off-Brand 'Serial': 'Lego Movie' Creators Adapt Sara Koenig Saga for Scripted Show

Everyone’s favorite flawed attempt at journalism is becoming a TV show! Sort of!

Serial has been licensed out to Fox 21 Television Studios to be adapted (wait why?) by Phil Lord and Chris Miller of… 184 more words

Lessons from This American Life's audio hackathon

Hacking together the future of audio

September 19-20 marked the first ever hackathon to advance technology for audio storytelling. The two-day Audio Hackathon, sponsored by This American Life and hosted by Thoughtworks in New York, attracted diverse design, developer, and producer talent from around the world. 636 more words