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podcasts: are those actually a thing?

I live 35 minutes away from the university that I attend and I live about 45 minutes away from the coffee shop where I work. During most commutes I listen to NPR news or the local classical music station. 617 more words


Listeners of WAMU: Rahima Ullah

By: Daisy Grant

It takes a dedicated listener of WAMU to be able to rattle off eight of their favorite public radio programs off the top of their head. 38 more words

Listeners Of WAMU

Ira Glass on Failure

“To do any kind of creative work well, you have to run at stuff knowing that it’s usually going to fail. You have to take that into account and you have to make peace with it. 348 more words


Read. Watch. Listen.

It’s Friday! That might not mean much to you. Maybe you’re working this weekend. Maybe you work every weekend. Maybe you’re retired. Maybe you have too much on your To Do List, or maybe your weekend stretches all too empty before you. 407 more words

Book Report

Screenwriting Quote #198 (Sidney Lumet)

“When I first meet with the scriptwriter, I never tell him anything, even if I feel there’s a lot to be done. Instead I ask him the same questions I’ve asked myself: What is the story about? 185 more words


5 Things That Inspired me This Week

In an age of over-information, it can be hard to pay attention to what’s igniting our creativity. This new series is my attempt at capturing what got my brain spinning this week. 622 more words



*started writing this two days ago. last week is over, but I still want to share these, so pretend like I’m still in the state I say I was when I drafted this post, lol. 617 more words