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Five Podcasts You Should Listen To

I frikken love podcasts. They’re the best boredom buster I have ever discovered. Waiting in long queues, car rides and flights are SO much more bearable when you have something super captivating to listen to. 989 more words

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Day 1676: The gate to happiness 

Tea is one of my gates to happiness. Yesterday’s teabag told me the gate to happiness is …

… self-compassion.

My gates to happiness also include: 115 more words

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Vegan Podcasts

I have gotten into podcasts in the past few years and they’re amazing! Listening to music is so last year! My love started with This American Life (an actual radio show…yes they still have those) and snowballed from there. 201 more words


Podcast, Anyone?

By: Stacy Thompson

I’ve recently taken on a fairly significant physical challenge for the end of the year (more on that later) that will require me to spend a LOT of time in the pool, on the stairs and, whenever possible, on the trail. 478 more words

Stacy Thompson

To Be Real

When the Rocker was in high school, he’d often say goodbye like this, “Peace out.” With his heavy/metal/grunge band in our garage, it really was peaceful when he left for school. 432 more words

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Podcast phenomenon.

I’m in no way an early adopter of the Podcast phenomenon, only recently have I fully embraced the dulcet tones of the Podcasts I’ve chosen. As I type I’m half listening to… 325 more words

This American Life- A favourite episode

I am a This American Life Podcast Fan Girl.   They were the Podcast Pioneers, and they do it so well ! Do yourself a favour, listen to this episode, This American Life,  avoid reading about it  before you start if you can… 8 more words