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The weekend is here!

Happy weekend, readers! What are you up to this (long) weekend? I’ll be visiting family and probably eating my weight in Indian food. Here’s some stuff to enjoy over the weekend… 87 more words


Episode 5: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

On this week’s episode Miró updates Kathryn on new evidence in the Adnan Syed murder case, why the juxtaposition of Serial and The Jinx are perfect complements and the rise of longform murder mystery storytelling (true and fictional). 87 more words


On Birds and Being Different

It would be something of an understatement to say that sex is a part of our lives. Indeed, it is such a huge part (go ahead and laugh at that. 1,032 more words


Podcast recommendations for your impeccable taste

I previously called this entry “Podcast is podcast and Minecraft is Minecraft” and mentioned how I had been listening to podcasts while playing Minecraft recently. It needs just little enough of my brainpower so I can still listen to the story being told, so I initially thought the two were a good match. 335 more words


This American Life

I know a lot of people knock NPR- it has some kind of reputation that I haven’t been quite able to pinpoint- is it biased? liberal or conservative skewed? 189 more words


Pull your head out of your ass and your earbuds out of your ears! There is nature all around us, singing its gentle lullaby to the world.

MY INTERNSHIP IS OVER! This is great because now I only have to wrap up things for my masters degree and then it will be time for the trail. 982 more words

Fringe Hours

I recently read The Fringe Hours by Jennifer Turner and there were so many good takeaways from the book that I’ve already applied many of them to my everyday life. 905 more words