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December Favorites

Revlon Colorstay 24-hour Foundation: I bought this back in May when I went to a wedding in Savannah, and I was worried I would sweat my makeup off. 544 more words

Monthly Favorites

Reddit, Taste, and The Need for Volume

Today’s Word Count: 2050

I am a Redditor. Other than Facebook, there really isn’t another website that takes as much of my time as Reddit. I find Twitter tedious, though I do see some value in it. 750 more words

Writing And Storytelling Advice

Text me.

I have a friend who tells the best First Contact stories. It’s remarkable—complete strangers are drawn to her (I mean, she’s beautiful) and then go out of their way (and possibly their minds) to track her down and text her in the craziest situations. 729 more words


confessions of a cubicle dweller

Hi. My name is Shalaka, and I am a cubicle dweller

“Hi Shalaka”

This cubicle-dwelling is a strange affliction, oft unnoticed til too late. Thought I’d do you all a favor, and help you discover it in its early stages. 458 more words


"This American Life" Trash Incineration Segment Misses the Point

I am an avid listener of This American Life and I usually love it, which is why I was so deeply disappointed with their decision to perpetuate the myths and misinformation about  430 more words

Environmental Justice And Public Health

Mortified mines those embarrassing teen years

Mortified founder David Nadelberg had a stroke of genius, and we are the lucky recipients.

Twice now I’ve gone to the New Parish in Oakland to see people get on stage and reveal intimate details of their younger selves. 241 more words

S.F. Bay Area

Кофе и молоко

Утро субботы – самое любимое время недели. Можно поспать на часик подольше и порадоваться тому, что никуда не надо торопиться. И есть время на блог!). В будние дни я постоянно опаздываю на работу (в независимости от того, во сколько я проснулась), а так как без кофе мой день просто не может начаться (уже ровно год как, с того самого дня как я начала работать), то приходится быстро заваривать растворимый (фу).