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Good Intentions Caught Up in the Spotlight

Something about a writer transforming what should be a news report into a stage play and then converting it back into a piece intended for radio journalism reminds me of being a kid and playing the game Telephone. 461 more words


Fabrications, Lies, and Deception: The Truth Behind Michael Daisy's Story

If I had been asked before reading this article who do I trust more artists or journalists? I would have chosen the latter. Now however, after listening to This American Life Retraction regarding Michael Daisey’s broadcast, I am not quite sure who I trust more. 531 more words


Two hats and Mike Daisey

Initially, I was very concerned by Mike Daisey’s deception. He lied about the most i I think a lot of listeners are disappointed to find that his monologue was extremely fabricated. 372 more words


Journalism and Truth

After writing my original blog post on my reaction to Mike Daisey’s podcast, I would like to revisit this topic after learning about the controversy behind his piece of artistic work. 416 more words


This American Lie

The realization that parts of Mike Daisey’s story were fabricated comes as quite the surprise to me. Coming from a show with the reputation of  587 more words

Mike Daisey

За кого голосуешь?)

По мотивам вчерашней политической заметки. Вчера я поинтересовалась у Дага, прилично ли вообще в Америке спрашивать о политических взглядах и о том, какого кандидата кто поддерживает.

Journalism and Lies

Before listening to the original podcast, I tried to find a transcript to read along with the recording. That is when I saw a number of articles saying that Mike Daisey’s narrative was fabricated, and that… 456 more words