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Podcast Review: S-Town

S-Town is from the producers of Serial and This American Life.

Last week, I did something that was a little different for me. I decided, in the 6am silence while getting ready for work, to unlock my phone and download a podcast… 644 more words

Brian Reed

Do you #Podcast?

I am addicted!

It started with Serial and has blossomed into everything I can get my hands on!

I actually bought an app. If you know me this is a big deal! 575 more words

That Occasional Sprinkle


I’m, again, late as hell to the game on listening to Serial but in my hunt for podcasts to keep my admin mornings engaged, I recalled an old boss listening, and getting addicted to the show so I thought hey, why not. 753 more words

Passion Of The Week

Yes, 'S-Town' is voyeuristic. It's also a brilliantly insightful look at the human condition.

Warning: The following commentary contains spoilers.

As I was pondering “S-Town,” the podcast from “This American Life” that tells the story of a small Alabama town and one of its more colorful residents, an old line by the writer Janet Malcolm leapt into my head: “Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.” 116 more words


This American Life: #614: The Other Mr. President


“He resembles Rowan Atkinson…except handsome.” Ouch. What did Rowan Atkinson ever do to you, This American Life?

personality or biology?

Do I like the taste of minerality in red wine because it’s a preference, or could it be my biology (anemia, lack of minerals) that enjoys this taste. 357 more words


Time to Kill

(Warning: The following post may be offensive to some due to the nature of the topic.  This includes few profanities, brief sexual reference, and podcast spoilers.) 1,752 more words