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Understanding Others: Podcasts About Race and Racism

Following each acquittal of a police officer who has shot a black man, people look for answers. How did we get here? What am I missing? 689 more words


My Love Of Podcasts: Diary

As of late, there’s been a lot of “hype” around podcasts, new releases of podcasts, & the like.

As it turns out, podcasts have, in fact, been around a long time. 2,138 more words

The Day I Found Myself, Again

I am the typical forty-year-old overweight woman with an ordinary American life. Married, two kids, nice neighborhood and divorced parents, I have it all. Or so it seems. 888 more words


This American Life: #618: Mr. Lie Detector

This episode felt more cobbled together than most, almost as if they quickly decided to put together a “lying-themed” episode in honor of recent political events (i.e. 12 more words

Switching Spotify for Castbox: why you should be listening to podcasts right now

I love music. I think all human beings with functioning ears love music, be it the repetitive pop that comes on the radio or the indie rap we download to our phones through less than legal means. 733 more words


Sermon 05-14-17: "The Christian and Final Judgment"

I suspect many Christians are confused about Final Judgment: They think that they won’t have to face it because of Christ’s atoning death on┬áthe cross. 3,112 more words

Latin for invisible things - english for perfect podcast

If you enjoy podcasts you should definitely sink your ears into Invisibilia.

Invisibilia (an NPR podcast) is the brain child of Lulu Miller and… 472 more words