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1820, Lighting The Stairs

For me a house and location like this is best done in any B&W or monochrome style.

This house was grand in it’s day. It still is, but time has taken it’s toll. 74 more words


Cancer: 10 Things You Can Do to Help

Being diagnosed with cancer shakes even the strongest individuals to the core as uncertainty is immediately injected in one’s world life will never be the same. 382 more words

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Worn And Weathered

Magnolia Cemetery was the first true cemetery in Charleston. Tradition was still strong to be buried in your church grave yard. Elsewhere cemeteries with opulent head stones and mausoleum where popular. 65 more words


The tiredness came later.

I sat and watched the entire Eurovision contest last night, we came sixth by the way and both saw and heard how bad Madonna sings live :-) :-) I’m not sure she hit a single note to be honest. 432 more words

This And That.

Cheese Ark / Artisan Cheese Shop


A friend told me that she’d heard that there is a cheese shop that sells cheeses that have been aged for 5 years or longer and both my husband and I got very interested. 624 more words

This And That

She wasn't at all happy to meet us.

It has been a slow week in all aspects. Time didn’t exactly fly away and even the rain we got fell slowly :-) We’ve had a lot of sunshine too this week but as soon as the weekend started the clouds arrived. 393 more words

This And That.

Up Close And Personal, Cemetery (3)

From a walk, Magnolia Cemetery.  Paying attention to the residents.

Here I did not make note of the markers names. It’s enough they still stand, a little worse for wear, but peaceful and beautiful all the same. 6 more words