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Yoda Whimsy

File this under not what I was expecting.

Yoda inside a gazebo in front of a stately brick house with a fabulous front porch fits that criteria. 28 more words

South Carolina

What's It Like?

It’s not uncommon that I am asked: “what’s it like to have someone else’s heart beating inside your chest”. As you can imagine this isn’t a “hi, how are you?” type of question where you reflexively answer “I’m great; you?”. 1,053 more words

This [and] That

Old Charleston Jail, End In Sight

While I’m not sure the exact day they will nail the doors shut (or send in a wrecking crew) it is certainly just days away. 56 more words


The Unknowns, Sailors

There are rows upon rows of the unknowns here.

Charleston, South Carolina was a main port of the southern states. For much of the Civil War it was blockaded. 58 more words


Of Coffee And Suspension Of Disbelief

If you were having
coffee with me, I would be happy you stopped by, you could keep me company
while we wait for the electricity to come back, it seems that all we do these… 669 more words

Defining Moments

Charleston Rooftops, A Sunny Day

A few photographs, taken at random on a sunny day.

Every direction you look has a skyline of old churches. Charleston is called the ‘holy city’. 76 more words


Box Seats At Old Dock Street Theater

On February 12, 1736 the original Dock Street Theater opened with a performance of George Farquhar’s play The Recruiting Officer.

The noted 19th Century actor Junius Brutus Booth father of famous actors Edwin and John Wilkes Booth (assassin of President Lincoln)  was associated with Dock Street. 17 more words