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Found On A Walk

Growing around a swamp pond.

As usual the dark background provided by the water. 8 more words


So far so good.

No test answers yet, I guess they won’t come until as earliest at the end of this week or early next. I do feel a bit happier today because Sune is really happy himself :-) His but looks very much like the but of a very old chimpanzee to be honest :-) :-) but only on his left side. 341 more words

This And That.

03: More of This and That

Affair Recovery

I decided to take Affair Recovery’s 17 Week Hope for Healing program because I realize the work I have done has happened largely in the silo of weekly one-on-one therapy, Twitter’s anger chambers, reflective writing and the love and support of friends that don’t judge my shames or failures. 1,678 more words


Texas Star

It’s summer and the bushes and flowers are feeling it.

There are still some flowers that are in bloom, but most are coming to the end of the season.


Coronavirus Etude - A Disinfecting Wipe Performance

This is perhaps the most inspired (and funny) example of the creativity that has been inspired by the Coronavirus (which in this case could be called the… 25 more words


Better Income Statement with Calculation Groups? (tutorial)

A short while ago I did a video about how hard it was (or almost impossible) to build a good Income Statement in Power BI. Now that the Calculation Groups are here, the question is whether we have a better option than what I had to do before with a smart calculation. 82 more words

Power BI

2020, the year #Ellen gets cancelled.

Cancel culture has been around for a good while but boy is it firing on all cylinders during this pandemic year!!! People have tons of time on their hands! 235 more words

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