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All Seeing Eye

The ‘All Seeing Eye’ of the Masonic Lodge is part of an old wrought iron fence in the original section of this cemetery. It marks parts of the boundary of the Masonic’s grave sites. 90 more words


Benjamin J. Johnson

Note; this is an article that somehow was lost in ‘draft’ purgatory. While looking for a few locations this morning I stumbled on it. I am publishing this ‘as is’ just as we walk out the door to head for another old military cemetery. 162 more words

I drive around with little mice in my car :-)

Yesterday I was surprised when I opened my mail and found a bill for the last time I went to the garage because I had already paid it and really didn’t want to pay it again :-) :-) It took some time to reach the garage owner but now everything is cleared up. 518 more words

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Our Re-birth of Senses In Sobriety

So much changes inside and around us when we get sober.

Early on, we experience the amazing relief and comfort of hangover free mornings. We also find our energy level increasing and we can be more productive through out the day. 444 more words

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A Leap of Faith

In 2013, I jumped out of an airplane to celebrate 1 year sober. It was a leap of faith similar to that of the day I surrendered to my disease of Alcoholism. 148 more words

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The Other Side Of Sobriety

There are some folks who believe sober means to simply stop drinking alcohol. For me, sober means to not only stop drinking, but figure out why I drank, understand why I did not have an off switch after I had one drink, and own up for being an ass to myself and others. 382 more words

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JAAN - The Last Dinner In Singapore

シンガポールでの最後のディナーは、特別な日のディナーに良く選んだ、Jaan に行きました。

The last dinner in Singapore was at Jaan, where we had many celebration dinners over the past 10 years.


You get a few amuse before the first dish. 250 more words

Restaurants In Singapore