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Lots of birds.

The kitchen door is open and I can hear all the birds singing in y garden and by the field outside my fence. It is a truly wonderful but slightly chilly morning but the sun is shining straight towards the door so it neutralize the cold a lot. 728 more words

This And That.

Shoes and ships . . .

Been a bit remiss in my posting. This is a catch-up, a mixture of stuff.

First off, I’m bleeding. Either I got bitten while mowing the lawn (first time this year, brand new lawnmower, so sharp blade, blade kept high, and task over and done with very quickly as a result) . 289 more words

House Heads: A Bipolar Species (Part 2)

For the longest of times we’ve had the pleasures of being graced by international artists performing in our beautiful country. It doesn’t really matter the genre, whether it was Hip Hop, Rock or House Music; we enjoyed seeing our favourite artists performing for those who love and enjoy what they do. 631 more words

House Music

House Heads: A Bipolar Species (Part 1)

Just a couple of months back I had asked a very popular dj and producer whether he feels House/Dance Music will die off and of course he said he said No, of which his response wasn’t too far off. 648 more words

House Music

I'm glad it's a bit dull.

I really didn’t feel like going out this morning, the rain was pouring down and there was a weak but very effective wind, so I waited in the longest to go outside. 1,094 more words

This And That.

Pizza on Friday!

I grew up eating pizza on Friday nights—probably because I’m Catholic and it was a hold-over from Lent when pizza was a thing you could eat that was substantial without meat. 318 more words

This And That

It is after all the workers holiday.

It rained all day yesterday and after that the cold came with the fog. So I woke up to a rather white world covered in frost. 666 more words

This And That.