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Danish Eventing Day 2015

Yeah, well, it is what it is. It’s nice to see everyone again (although I see basically everyone of my friends at the C.E.P. camps) and get the most relevant news and changes for the upcoming season. 236 more words

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I signed myself up for another foodie pen pal this month! After signing up, while waiting to find out who I would be paired with, I had this feeling that I had mad a mistake. 545 more words

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LifeStyle Mix. February.

February was a short month that I won’t miss all that much, for I long to Spring and with every single day that brought more daylight I looked forward to the new season, planning all adventures that await me in the weeks to come, the first one in Munich, the second one in London, I am so excited about both!  9 more words


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(1) Begin your day with meditation and a mantra :  I love the world, I love my life and I love this universal energy.  Saying this aloud brings about a smile from within, which leads perfectly on to a heartfelt rush of gratitude.  318 more words


They're here!

The morning was foggy and slightly chilly today but there was no wind so I decided not to wear my yellow cap even if the hair on my skull only have grown a mm or so. 429 more words

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Dear Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

Star Trek taught the world to look heavenward. It taught us to see past color, to see past division, and to look toward a brighter day. 193 more words

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I can't believe Leonard Nimoy is gone. I think I had fooled myself into believing he'd live a Vulcan lifespan, or life forever. I feel like I've known him forever. Of course, I never knew him at all, but I felt I did. I grew up with Mr. Spock and he was hands down my favorite of all the Star Trek characters, ever. I followed Nimoy's career and loved everything he was in, just because it was Nimoy. You will be missed Leonard Nimoy. I had to share this article, which includes the funeral scene from Wrath of Khan.

The Power of Story, or, RIP Leonard Nimoy

In case you hadn’t heard, Leonard Nimoy died this morning. The Internet is going to be buzzing with remembrance over the next few days; everyone and their pooch will be posting pictures of him, throwing each other the Vulcan salute, and discussing their favourite… 395 more words

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