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Escaping the Computer

The sticking, tearing sound is ME, being ripped away from my computer.   Theoretically I sit here, in my chair at my keyboard, from the time I get up in the morning — having first started the coffee, fed the cats, and grabbed something for breakfast — for two hours. 643 more words

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Treasure Trove (Of India)

India, as I have shared earlier is a land of many surprises and mysteries.

Among the various treasures that it is home to, the arts and crafts of India hold many awe-inducing gems. 468 more words


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This post has been re-blogged from the wonderful site Treasure Trove of India, one of my favorite sites. The intricate and fascinating art work is beautiful, and I envy the patience and ability of the artists. Thanks WanderingSoul for this!

It looked a bit different when I woke up again.

I was thinking of trying to find something new about our folklore this morning but I’ve been busy so I’ll find something later on, December is after all rather long :-) So what have I’ve been up to You might wonder? 738 more words

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W-worn out from Thanksgiving



I hope that I’m not alone in neglecting my writing. Instead of wasting time writing about my excuses, I created a new acronym from an old one. 83 more words


Bigger isn't always better

It’s Small Business Saturday, and I’m getting ready to head out to one of the very few independent bookstores left in our area to meet and greet customers. 270 more words

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I didn't even have the energy to take a nap.

It has been a grey and dull day here and I’ve spent most of it in my sofa watching dvd’s. First I watched Minions and I liked it as I thought I would and I’ve also watched Jurassic World and it was so, so. 295 more words

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Right Place--Wrong Time

Back in the day when my kids were in school,  I showed up on time for an appointment for my conference with the child’s teacher.  In those days I always prided myself on being on time.  348 more words

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