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Lots of napping now.

It’s slightly warmer today but not much, just enough to wake up the flies so they can annoy us again.  We had big clouds arround us when we went out to the bog an hour ago but I wore my mosquito hat so they didn’t bother me that much, the morning walk, when we walked in to the village however was quite nice. 252 more words

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Little Ditty 'Bout Adam and Wayne

I was at a conference when Adam, the waiter at the hotel restaurant, showed his swishy sense of humor right away. I’d walked into the empty dining room and joked, wondering how he’d be able to manage with this huge crowd. 852 more words

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of teabags and disposing of the trash

It has been months or is it weeks or days even, I forget (time doesnt fly when you are not having fun) and the city fathers aren’t being efficient in their garbage collection service. 534 more words

My Musings

What people think of BlackBerry users...

Another great video by local boy @J_Caloy

I love my BlackBerry #Classic but the #Passport is pretty cool and innovative !

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2015 #Antman Review

I was going to write my review of #Antman in really, really, really small font well… because it would make total sense and appropriate no? :)… I am sure someone else already thought this one up… Being a fan of all things comic books I, of course, make it a point of watching all things #Marvel and #DC… not necessarily going to be the guy at the cinema day one but definitely shortly thereafter… Last sunday I caught #Antman.. 266 more words

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Rainy Sundays = Baking

A year ago tomorrow I started in my job (I CANNOT believe it was a year ago, time really does fly) and to ‘celebrate’ the year anniversary I promised the guys at works that I would bring in some baking treats… 475 more words

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#Fosmon vs. #Inskin Screen Protector Review

I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry #Classic and as such I need to protect ‘my precious’… as is the case no matter what phone I purchase (always @BlackBerry) I protect it with a case and a screen protector. 495 more words

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