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Contract tighter

Just before releasing

Into their blossoms

Projecting the beauty

Into the world.


We need no mediator

For we are the one

We alone can bring

Healing and life

To this world-

Intuition and dreams

Will help us remember… 7 more words


Ah my hobbies are diverse

I love to learn. I try new things all the time – food, crafts, technology, hairstyles. Here is the latest, step motion movie making.

This Crazy Life

The ongoing dance

Between light and dark

Receptive and bone

Gestational and assertive-

Darkness of the mystical womb

Brings forth light and creation.


Until she finds magic

Where the Holy

Is within the paradox.

Speak in words

Of mystery

The language of

All untamed beings..


We code our world

Based on our construction

Of the moment-

Accepting only what supports

Decisions previously made

Self justifying perceptions.


When is silence


For the keeper

Has such great power

Yet the mystery

At times so great

All of nature

Declares its glory.