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Khodiyar Ma

The Vedic goddess

Known as

She who is never not broken.

Where we are obsessed with perfectionism

Though we are fragmented

Khodiyar Ma… 15 more words


Attracted to the Moon’s light

She is an honored Feminine Spirit-

Finding the balance between light and dark

Seen and unseen-

As the dark of the Soul… 17 more words


Polyphemas, the Luna Moth

Is one of the most Spiritual

And mystical of the animal totems

The are born to transform

And to love-

Is there any other need as great?


The Luna Moth emerges

Knowing it is not long for the world.

Its life a mere week-

Is spent procreating

Reminding us of the importance… 10 more words


There is a fine line

Between hearing

and feeling.

We look through the window

And can no longer deny

what we have seen.

Life is about harmony- 6 more words


Living in the flat lands

We see the future as it approaches-

Yet the Earth is round

And surprise is our constant


Where new ideas generate… 18 more words


We want society

To grant us permanence,

But life is not stagnant-

Nothing endures

For there is always

Change and death.

Life is a river… 10 more words