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On this rock

Orbiting a non-descript star

Within an ordinary galaxy-

We try to piece together

Where we came from

To where we are going…

Whether poet or philosopher.


We walk two worlds at one time.

But there is only one place we exist.,

The past is just a construct

The future not a reality… 24 more words


Living is a practice

In capturing wonder

Even in the simplest terms

Shared in a single breath

A poetry of life-

That is our traveling compass.


No more gaudy prayers

Lifted on high

With words poetically spoken

Or beseachments –

But rather the simplicity of breath

Letting my prayer pray me.


Life depends on your reality

For you life is contained-

Captivated by ideas

Like an explorer on the edge

Of the known universe

Rise above the dangerous… 17 more words



The only true philosophical


The choice to live

Or the choice to not live

The life you were given

Or shrink from ……

The only question that matters.


Pilgrimage refused

I have been prodigal

Long enough

Tattooed more deeply

Than the mark of Cain-

We are summoned

Yet no map in hand

As the stars begin to bloom… 17 more words