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Artist: The Flying Lizards
Label: Virgin Records
Producer: David Cunningham
Cover art: Laurie Rae Chamberlain
Length: 44:05

RECORDED FOR THE princely sum of £6.50, The Flying Lizards’ breakthrough single “Money” may not prove that the ‘the best things in life are free,’ but it suggests that they need not be expensive. 727 more words

Ugly Music


… I’ve always toyed with the idea that the Flying Lizards represented rock and roll from some sort of alternative universe.

David Cunningham, Zigzag magazine, 1984…

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Ugly Music

Camberwell Now from the ashes of This Heat

Camberwell Now’s The Ghost Trade and The EP Collection will be reissued next month on Modern Classic Recordings (Light In The Attic).

Camberwell Now featured This Heat’s vocalist and drummer Charles Hayward. 397 more words

This Heat - Pool

‘Pool’ is basically a different mix of ’24 Track Loop’. This was on the infamous 1982 compilation ‘The Recommended Records Sampler’.


This Heat - Twilight Furniture

Sparse Avant-Rock from their 1979 self-titled debut.


Come On, Come Down! - Stoner Rock - 28th February 2016

Come On, Come Down! explores diverse dawn music for the sleepless. This time, the focus is on stoner rock, or variations thereof, that explore misty night-time moods. 54 more words

Come On, Come Down!

Homage to This Heat

One of the most pioneering and innovative bands of the 1970s was This Heat. Check this experimental production from 1979, the renowned 24 Track Loop… 206 more words