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Latina Entrepreneurs Are Taking the World by Storm

I have to admit that for the majority of my working life, I have not given much thought to entrepreneurs given that I’ve always worked for good size companies that had everything in place and made it easy for me to just come in and do the work I needed to do. 505 more words

This Is 40

Day 45 ~ Stregnth

Today I played a video game. I’ve done this twice in the past couple of months and same game. So interesting today when I won I noticed the words “I’m the strongest woman in the world” 151 more words

This Is 40

Day 40 ~ It Happened

I did it. Made my schedule in a book. I realized yesterday I had a bunch to unpack still. It’s now part of my “To Do”. 145 more words

This Is 40

Day 38 ~ Overwhelmed

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed as of late. I went from worrying about my heart disease and being a good mom and wondering why what happened to me happened to really enjoy life. 160 more words

This Is 40

I’m a Quitter

I grew up most of my life hearing “don’t be a quitter” but quitting is not always negative and at times in life, quitting is necessary in order to evolve and change. 198 more words

This Is 40

Storm Queen aka This is 40

I used to get embarrassed for folks who were all, “It’s my birfday!  We gotta go out for my birfday!”  I was like, “You turning 38, don’t act thirsty for a bouncy house or a tiara.  840 more words


Day 32 ~ Life Happens

Life happens and life’s sometimes good and full. Since my last post I’ve been busy with kids, school, and being happy. Happy which is foreign to me it seems but welcomed. 250 more words

This Is 40