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Mr B and I love watching films, from action movies, to comedies, to dramas. Unfortunately we don’t get to go to the cinema that often but we would either rent a film or watch it in Netflix at least once a week. 304 more words


Top 5 Under 5: Comedies!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s video, more to come soon!

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Everything You Need To Know About Dating, According To Judd Apatow Movies

Judd Apatow’s newest feature film, Trainwreck, is still a few months off, but it’s making the rounds at SXSW this weekend and sure to drum up extra buzz. 189 more words

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This is 40 (Yahoo!)

A billion years ago, my mom told me that it was perfectly acceptable to decline to be weighed at the doctor’s office. Years later, Doc Heather confirmed the accuracy of my mom’s report. 462 more words


California - 3 months in

My move to this weird and wackadoo state has been nothing if not eye-opening. I thought after 18+ years in the US, living in multiple states, I was accustomed to the ways and means of the American and its environs.  567 more words

Life After 40

THIS is 40!

I will be 40 in 40 days, a thought that both excites me and freaks me out a bit.

From what I’ve been told, I now have deteriorating eyesight, mammograms, creaky joints and peri-menopause to look forward to. 592 more words


This is 40?  Meh.

I’m not so ignorant to think that 40 is the new black; “meh” sums up the experience quite nicely.  #40Meh.

A few months ago, in anticipation of my 40th anniversary of living, I set out to write a commemorative blog post: to riff on the significant meaning of this significant milestone.  886 more words

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