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Why You Should Be Ravish-ly Relishing Your 40s

A couple of generations ago when women reached a certain age (usually in her 40s) they took a back seat. Resigned to adult responsibilities and not being the center of attention, the beginning of middle age was the beginning of the end. 505 more words

This Is 40

Am I Really Done With Children?

Being new to the forties club, I’m still unsure about what is supposed to happen at this age.  I thought it might have something to do with boldly owning everything about yourself in an “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” sort of way. 777 more words

The Inner Workings Of My Mind

I Am Changing

I read these words today, and they spoke to me, they resonated with me. Today in my 40s, one of the main things that has changed about me is my views on change. 414 more words

This Is 40

5 Reasons Your 40's Rock

For some reason there’s something taboo about turning 40 or admitting that you’re in your 40s, especially for women. I remember a friend of mine on the day of her 40th birthday excitedly telling everyone that she was no longer “treinta-nueve” (39), but treinta-diez (30-10). 396 more words

This Is 40

This is Us (A Christmas Post)

Today, Christmas Eve Eve, was the kids’ last day of school before six days off for their winter break.  It was also Kevin’s first day of vacation from work.  533 more words


Get Ready to Shine Out Loud

There’s something magical about people watching. I guess it’s seeing the hustle and bustle and knowing that every person has a story, a destination, a heartbreak, a joy, a marvel to behold. 641 more words

This Is 40

What are the Most Pivotal Decades of your Life?

I wake up early. My husband and boys are sound asleep. I take in the stillness of the early morning and savor the peace and quiet (ahhhh…). 842 more words

This Is 40