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30 Days Of...November Challenge


Life is full of them.  Some we don’t ask for. Others we invite, in order to help us grow.

If you saw Saturday’s post… 497 more words


This is Your PrimeTime

Do you feel less sexy, less confident, or less passionate with each passing decade?

Have you felt irrelevant or invisible since you’ve hit middle age? 278 more words

This Is 40

What I Learned from 30 Days Of No One-Time Use Plastic Shopping Bags

Remember that September Challenge?

Remember how I said that I would crush that challenge?

Well I did!

C’mon, you really had no doubts in my ability. 699 more words


Never. Stop. Learning

You know how people always say kids’ minds are like sponges?

That there is no limit to how much they can learn and absorb?

I’ve always been fascinated and frankly somewhat jealous of this capability in kids. 534 more words

This Is 40

Hot Yoga For Moms is Always a Good Idea

So, I’m still not flexible. Never have been. But that’s not what yoga is. It has nothing to do with flexibility and everything to do with “real life.” Before I had kids, I loved taking first dates to a hot yoga class or my spin class. 218 more words

My New Normal

The new trend in dating: Pen Pals

Its no secret that I go on a lot of first dates. Not deliberately.. I’m always hoping for a second, third but you have to start somewhere. 534 more words

Online Dating

Guilty Pleasures? No Guilt Here

Recently a guy friend of mine asked me about my guilty pleasures. I’m not sure if he was fishing for grubby details, but after giving it a few minutes the only thought I came up with was.. 478 more words

Life After 40