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Small crystals danced from his lips with every exhale that left his lungs. The air was cold around his body, but he did not mind, for he liked the way atmosphere mirrored his heart. 255 more words


#181 - Brave New Belmont

Simon: “You put it up there! Now get it back down!”

Originally Published: 7/22/06 . 47 pages

Synopsis 8,507 more words
Classic Moment Alert

#180 - The [Bleep-ing] Awesome Adventures of Briter Bran

Tinker Shell: “I’m not a pixie. I’m a fairy. Pixies are whores.”

Originally Published: 7/15/06 . 41 pages
Lark has a dream that the ramble gang are characters in Peter Pan. 8,116 more words

The Final Stretch

#177 - This Is Shinra Inc.

Rufus: “I don’t want to relate to them! They probably have diseases!”

Originally Published: 6/9/06 . 41 pages

Synopsis 7,684 more words
Classic Moment Alert

#170 - Final Fairy Tales III - Ever After

King Sephiroth: “…I suppose no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid your destiny.”

Originally Published: 4/14/06 . 49 pages

Synopsis 11,425 more words
Yaoi Alert

#156 - Franswa Revisited

Horatio: *chuckles* “It’s always been my opinion that all Belmont’s are meant for greatness. But that doesn’t mean they’re all meant to fight Dracula.”

Originally Published: 9,998 more words