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Homemade Pickles

Over the past couple of years, my family has been making steps toward healthier eating and healthier living, not as a concept of vanity–wanting to look great or live up to a certain “post-worthy” image–but as a matter of stewardship–stewardship of our bodies, our communities, our land, and the living things God has given to us as gifts and as responsibilities.   677 more words


Snapshot: Dawn Leslie

“A lot of the food is homemade. All the pies are homemade. The bread’s homemade. People love to come. The atmosphere is fun. The food is fantastic. 26 more words

Cass City

Snapshot: The Battels--Bob, Sue, Addy, Dori, Asher, & Elias

Bob: “Eighteen eighty-two is when my great-great-great Grandpa George and Grandma Annie came over from Ontario. They started in Scotland, but came through Ontario. It was after the Great Fire that they came here.  217 more words

Cass City

Snapshot: Debby, Sam, & Abe Mack

What is it like for you being a Jewish family in a mostly non-Jewish community?

Abe: “It’s different.”

Sam: “There’s hardly anyone in our school that is Jewish.” 143 more words

Cass City

Snapshot: Chief of Police Craig Haynes

“I started in February of 1987. I was hired as a patrolman. I’ve enjoyed my job, and still enjoy my job. I was in a large city and had applied and tested for this job. 160 more words

Cass City

Snapshot: Katie Jackson

” I came to Cass City because this is where I had signed a teaching contract. I was accustomed to a small town, and it wasn’t too far from my home town, and besides that it was good pay–$3600. 328 more words

Cass City

Snapshot: Joy Perry & Louie

“We’re just out for a walk. I’ve cleaned homes and businesses in Cass City for the past 15 years. Cass City is a very friendly and safe community. 9 more words

Cass City