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This Is Home: Leo Feebish

“I love to write poetry. I’ve published a book of poetry. I was in boxing. I trained boxers. I trained a lot of good fighters, Golden Glove champions. 33 more words

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This Is Home: Alvin "Hutch" Hutchinson

“Oh, good Heavens, I’ve got more stories than you can sit and listen to! I started out working in a flower shop for 15 cents an hour. 216 more words

Cass City

This Is Home: Norma Wallace

How long have you lived in Cass City?

“Since March 20, 1965–50 years.”

What makes Cass City unique?

“It’s gotta be the people and the different things that have always taken place. 74 more words

Cass City

This Is Home: Dagmar Brown

Dagmar Brown is a local legend. She is a World War Two veteran and an avid walker. In 1958, the tradition of the Mackinac Bridge Walk began–an event when thousands of people walk the expanse of the Mackinac Bridge, led by Michigan’s governor. 23 more words

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This Is Home: *** Wallace & Jim Wallace

The Wallace brothers were born and raised in Cass City. I caught up with them at the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the cemetery. This is what they had to say. 182 more words

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This Is Home: Alan Witkovsky

What’s it like working at the cemetery?

“To watch and see the people come back and look into history, the past. To bring honor to the town. 49 more words

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