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Chapter 31

We left Robi and Marcy in good spirits, shall we see how they are getting on this week?

Wait Robi, what are you doing?

“Mmmm, Marcy – you smell so good!” 324 more words

Antone Legacy

Beginnings and endings

I’ve had a very strange past week full of beginnings and endings coupled with coming down with the mother of all flu viruses.  Yes, despite my best efforts, I’ve been laid up in bed most of this week fighting off the dreaded lurgy – it’s been most inconvenient to say the least.  308 more words

Chapter 30

Yes, dear readers, I know that I left you all waiting on that cliff for a week, and am I sorry?! No, not really :P… 462 more words

Antone Legacy

Chapter 29

Robi and Marcy are now getting on like a house on fire! They are truly insuperable. When one of them is outside, the other is sure to be found, and a good thing too as Robi seemed to be having some problems with the washing line. 564 more words

Antone Legacy

Chapter 28

Our poor Marcy truly had no idea how to rectify the situation with her ‘housemate’, as she worked on her latest sculpture, she couldn’t help but sneak glances at the man she shared her house with, he wasn’t bad looking, she supposed. 518 more words

Antone Legacy

Chapter 27

The next days passed into weeks and pretty much the same things happened each day, the two of them lived separate lives within the same house, and it had turned into a house, from being a home. 441 more words

Antone Legacy

Chapter 26

Marcy was in the back garden, fuming did not quite cover how she was feeling, she had come back here in the hopes that her new “housemate” would not follow her and it seemed she was correct. 569 more words

Antone Legacy