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Cherished Memories of Christmas in America

I was advised that people don’t like reading too much and so to keep my ramblings brief. Apparently there is an acronym TLDR – too long didn’t read. 373 more words

This Is How I Do It......

Max's Favourite Early USA Memories

I got to thinking what my earliest memories were when I visited America for the first time in 1969. The world was preparing to welcome a new decade and the Cold War was still happening. 981 more words

This Is How I Do It......

Where to stay!

Okay I have talked about flights and car hire and of course I need to talk about where to put your head down. Now these thoughts are my own and have been honed over the many visits to different areas in multiple states. 1,422 more words

This Is How I Do It......

Can you tour the White House?

The White House

When investigating visiting the White House it is straight forward for a US national but for overseas tourists it becomes a problem. The website directs you to ask for permission to tour the White House via your embassy. 1,314 more words

Bucket List Possibilities