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The Rundown of this Boss Babe

I am so far from a perfect person, and honestly I can’t claim that I have all the answers, or any of them for that matter. 308 more words


"Just kiddin' around!!"

It’s the kiddin’ season!! Had another memorable afternoon at my cousin’s goat farm – it’s currently like a maternity unit!! Of course, I had to get involved and had the privilege of nursing two 20 minute old new borns! 81 more words

This Is Me

Hold My Hand

One day recently, I watched as a mother successfully completed the juggling act that is getting two children under 3 from the car, safely through a parking lot, and to the entrance of their destination. 727 more words


"Have no fear, Shelley is here!!"

Sometimes it’s better not knowing exactly what goes on around me! A particularly large 8 legged creature was spotted above my head just as I was getting nice and cosy into bed! 88 more words

This Is Me

Help help! This recording thing sucks!!

Okay… I need people’s help…. I can’t seem to get my recording to record more than 2 minutes!!! It says it records like 10 or 20 minutes but the playback only shows 2 minutes!!! 68 more words

This Is Me

Who is Laila Laurson?

Who is Laila Laurson?

Well the name itself is more of a what than a who. Laila Laurson is a name I created for blogging purposes.   738 more words

Being Yourself


So I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to start recording and possibly streaming on twitch.tv let’s see how well that goes. Hopefully my lovely daughter will be my right hand woman, and we can have a great time doing it.. 111 more words

This Is Me