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It's Funny Now

So this happened today:

Youngest throws a tantrum at the gym during her swimming lesson so we leave early. 

She refuses to change so we just run to the car with her in her costume & towel, her still screaming for me to give her back her new shoes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. 102 more words


Focus on the Shepard

I have spent a lot of time trying to decide on a topic to write about! It has been a whirlwind of thoughts in my mind the past couple of weeks and months. 1,522 more words

This Is Real Life

29 unforgettable experiences

I’ve had 29 years and 8 months of experiences. And as Colbert would say, I love experiencing experiences. Many of these experiences have made me a better person. 1,185 more words

This Is Real Life.

Stop the Inauguration Day blues

Listen up my peers. We read our history books, we watched the 9/11 happen on live television in school, and we knuckled up and fought our bullies, and we survived Limp Bizkit and Jinco jeans *shudders*. 138 more words

Grown Up

8 more years? Pretty please?

Eight years ago, I was so excited for President Obama to be inaugurated that I could barely contain myself.

I’d recently been to Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, where I had many conversations in broken Spanish about Barack Obama, sharing excitement with my new international friends over the choices of my home country. 400 more words

This Is Real Life.

Being Called and Being Chosen

81 days…

What if you would have known the last time you saw Trae before his death that it was going to be the last time here on Earth? 1,914 more words

Talking Jesus

Don't Let The Past Stop Your Future

As you know I recently returned from beautiful Puerto Rico and to continue with my post from earlier, on a more personal and less fitness perspective. 798 more words

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