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This is real life...

Here’s what happens when you’re trying to get your child to smile for reals – not just like they’re holding in a fart.

Welcome to my world, people!

Just For Fun

Dear First-Year Teachers...

Dear First Year Teachers,

I know you’re tired.

I know you feel overwhelmed.

I know you’ve thought a lot about quitting.

But I’m going to ask you for… 386 more words

This Is Real Life.

The Six Stages of Baths

Sometimes, I make my dogs unhappy by giving them what I call baths and what they call a brush with a hot, watery death.

They all go through the same six stages, similar to but not quite the exact same as the stages of grief. 252 more words

This Is Real Life.

29 vices and indulgences

I’m the best at indulging myself these days. I once wasn’t but now I’ve learned to take care of me…and though I have days where I feel like this makes me not as good of a teacher, I know that it makes me a better person. 830 more words

This Is Real Life.

Beauty from Ashes..

The year was 2001.

The date was September 11th.

The world? It was in a state of terror.

Me? I was 6. I don’t remember much. 1,979 more words

Talking Jesus

Suicide Prevention Day

Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day.

What many of you don’t know is that 6 years ago next month, I lost my little brother to suicide and life has been a struggle since—for my entire family. 426 more words

This Is Real Life

Going Up Against Our Fears!

“Let you faith be bigger than your fear.”

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. 1,520 more words

This Is Real Life