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Real Scary Times

I caught my mum talking to herself today. I asked her who she was talking to and she told me my daughter. The little legs was out on the front balcony with me and her dad as he was picking her up for the day… She’s been saying some random things that don’t really make sense to me for a few days now but this is concerning. 94 more words

Living With Cancer

When your body is just a ticking time bomb

The palliative care nurse came and had a private chat with me (just one of a number of visitors for the day). When they originally gave me the prognosis, I was told my mum probably didn’t have years left. 100 more words

Living With Cancer

Real Life - A (ruddy manic!) day in the life of...

I should be sat rolling clay and stamping it with beautiful words & pretty patterns. That’s what a normal, every day kinda day would usually entail for me. 427 more words

Living With Cancer

Blank Space

Two and a half weeks ago, I believe it was a Wednesday evening, I was sitting in a bar on a cruise ship, listening to some frat guys do a terrible, horrible rendition of “ 638 more words

This Is Real Life.

Toddlers can win anything with a smile

Parenting a toddler is both overwhelming and the most fantastic experience.

For example in the span of just half an hour I went from feeling frustrated and upset with Elijah after he dumped his lunch on the floor, to feeling accomplished with being able to spoon feed him five bites of said lunch (5 second or more rule definitely applies here – lunch that fell on the kitchen floor is for sure not the most disgusting thing he has put in his mouth this week), back to feeling frustrated with the fact that he spit one spoonful all over my clean pants, and then having my heart melted by his smile and the snuggle he gave me as I carried him off to his room for a nap.  258 more words


Reality TV pitch

So, I have a pitch for a reality TV show. Any of my friends/family/followers/stalkers have any contacts they can put me in with?

Divorce Life

First Loves

Boys, boys, boys! You know what they say… you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. I am here to tell you it is true! 508 more words

This Is Real Life