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Happy siad! (Self injury awareness day)

Happy self injury awareness day everyone!

As most of you will know I have struggled with self harm for many years. I’ve self harmed for nearly 6 years of my nearly 18 years. 511 more words

When words aren't enough.

I’m a person who believes in words.

I used to believe in words a lot more than I do now. Then I went to journalism school and realized that the dream I had of making a difference through writing was a long shot – not because I’m not a good writer and not because newspapers are dying, but because… 592 more words

This Is Real Life.

Same shit different year. TW

Don’t worry none of this new year new me bollocks from me. Things have been exactly the same. Quick warning though some of you might find this triggering. 1,212 more words

December 9th, 1980 12:05 am - Tuesday

An hour ago John Lennon was shot twice in the back outside of his New York City apartment. He was rushed to the hospital – PRONOUNCED DEAD ON ARRIVAL.   763 more words

December 3rd, 1980 - Wednesday

I haven’t had time to write. I’m too busy. Thanksgiving was okay. I didn’t eat much. Popper and Ryan say I’m fat. I didn’t get to see Carol much. 398 more words

Thoughts straight from my brain..

This is raw honesty below. Maybe this is a warning…

Basically, these are my thoughts from the past couple months. I hope they all make sense and you can each get something out of this.. 2,000 more words

Sleepless in St. Peters

Heading off to bed in an hour or two and then I probably won’t sleep again until Thursday night!

I love being able to cook for my family and have everyone gather together. 1,230 more words