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Never Out of Date


Dan Perkins, better known as Tom Tomorrow, urging good citizenship.


Some Thoughts on Outrage

Is there anything so instantaneous as outrage?

When there’s nothing else to be done, I repost cartoons that I’ve found online.. It helps.

The past two weeks have been more than a little rough. 129 more words


April Showers

Hello! Let’s waste no time!…

Say, do you know what? That’s okay, neither do I. I hear that’s pretty common nowadays…

When people start to question your judgement, that’s when you need to reframe the question to your own advantage!.. 104 more words

The View From The Tower

The Human Condition

Sometimes you stumble upon really inspiring material whether it is in the form of videos, podcasts, quotes or any type of article and it really strikes a chord with you. 2,524 more words


America without a president

Once again, I feel that I should share my personal musings on the American political situation. We are now in the, what, middle of the month 2? 1,109 more words


February Post, version 2.0

First, thanks to everybody who took the time to reach out to me during my birthday. It was greatly appreciated.

Now, let’s get down to business!.. 74 more words


RSDS: About That...

Wow, it has certainly been a week.

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and support. Sometimes this writing thing begins to make a little sense.   117 more words

The View From The Tower