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Sometimes We Can Only Stand In Awe of Superior Intelligence

I ask my guest bloggers to confine their monologues here to items that pertain to clean energy—or perhaps to sustainability more generally—and I try to do the same, but sometimes I’m so blown away with something in another arena that I feel compelled to mention it. 80 more words

Clean Energy


I realized recently that I had not read any of Tom Tomorrow’s “This Modern World” comics in quite some time, so I spent several hours reading the archives on DailyKos. 84 more words

From The Internets

Tom Tomorrow Strikes Again!

Man!  I have GOT to start posting some more original content of my own devising!
But in the meantime, here’s something else I’ve very much liked! 60 more words
The View From The Tower

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow (Part 2)

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The View From The Tower

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

2014 in Review (Part the First)

As we stand at the cusp between 2014 and 2015, let us be mindful of the blank slate we have before us and how easily we may make our mark, for good or ill, without even realizing we are casting a vote with our actions and lives that may reverberate down the halls of history. 55 more words
The View From The Tower