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April's Theme: All In

Late last month, I went through my stack of piano music and pared it down to just the songs I want to keep working on until I get them 100 percent right. 107 more words

The Ideas of March

Checking in on March’s Theme: “Parallel Lines”.

I landed on this idea at the beginning of the month because as I rearranged my apartment, I realized I was abandoning my tradition of lining up the furniture askew to the wall. 275 more words

March's Theme: Parallel Lines

The 30-plus times I’ve gone about setting up an apt., or a dorm room, or my high school bedroom even, I’ve always opted to line up the furniture at oblique angles—catty corner against the wall. 46 more words

Two New Ties

Samsa and I walked around SoHo on Sunday shopping for ties.

I bought two.

This one, which I wore to work on Monday, is from Hugo Boss.

February's Theme: Neck Ties

Late last year, as I  was wrapping up my blog Amazing City (2014-2016, RIP), I was starting to do monthly themes.

October 2016: God, I Love October? 95 more words