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Photo101: Bliss/Caption

Photo101 Series
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I love the fall; I feel I’m at my best in the fall.  And if I can have a pile of dried leaves to scuffle my feet through to listen to the rustle and crackle, then I’m even happier.   My Bliss

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tiffany and co

Just in case you haven’t seen this beautiful video released by Tiffany & Co, we thought we would share it with you.  Absolutely beautiful.

This 'n' That

Rosette Nebula

This is my first deep sky object capture in a while and the first after modifying my camera to accept more red in the Ha wavelength. 537 more words

Colorado Plateau

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Why go with woo when you can take in awe? When people engage with the beauty and wonder of the nature, openings emerge that can help us relate and to respond to its realities. Here's a brilliant look at the night sky, the origins of us, from the dark skies of Torrey, Utah. Science is wowzy!

valentines beauty

shropshire petals

the wedding tree

shelby jane and co

shelby jane and co

lovely littles and co

lovely littles and co

kathy johnson

shropshire petals… 34 more words