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Gearing up and Going Diving

My SCUBA adventure to Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico with my sons Phillip and Geoffrey and Phil’s wife and daughter was a great trip. An unfortunate stumble walking up an incline in soft sand caused me to torque my left knee and ankle and I decided (wisely) to stay dry for the last day of diving.  253 more words

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Island Medicine (Part 2)

So a few weeks ago, this happened.

And even though it didn’t really matter what version of mosquito-born illness I contracted, I did follow through with my doctor’s advice and went to have a blood test and pee in a cup. 349 more words


Driving in Mexico

Along with my eldest son Phillip and his wife and daughter, and my youngest son Geoffrey I went on a two-week SCUBA adventure to Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. 993 more words

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2016’s Word of the Year is ‘post-truth’. Is this just another political distraction?

  • What is it that ails us all that we cannot point to an untruth or some deceit and simply call it what it is – a lie?
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Loving you 

Some may have noticed I relate to or talk about self love a lot.. a lot unestimate the importance or the power loving yourself has. … 271 more words


Gut Microbes & Probiotic Cultures: Something's A-happening

Woohoo! Probiotics seem to be doing the trick!

For those of you who read my previous post about gut microbes, I mentioned that some research was ongoing into the benefits of probiotics. 401 more words

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The Day I Became "Your Kind"

What do you know about Charles Bukowski? Let’s see… We explored DVD interviews and documentaries, books, poetry collections.  Ready to check out.  Dismal when it comes to those plastic … 7 more words

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