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The afternoon knows what the morning never expected. (Swedish)


Madame La...

…My friend’s daughter…looking across from me at the breakfast table, said in a matter-of-fact way….”Aunty Nina …you have garbage under your eyes”….she was quite rightly referring to the dark circles/eye bags that I have no matter how well rested I am…and in her precocious way, she opted for the word ‘garbage’ to emphasise her point…on reflection I think her take really drove the point home..guess who is going to invest in an eye mask.

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A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.

Elizabeth Fishel

Review of Cast the First Stone (James W. Ziskin)

Cast the First Stone by James W. Ziskin

Ellie Stone is one dogged reporter.  Tagged by her boss at the New Holland Republic to cover hometown-boy-makes-good Tony Eberle as he begins his first feature starring role in Hollywood, Ellie climbs aboard a TWA bound for Los Angeles, even as her nemesis at the paper turns down the assignment because of a premonition.  246 more words

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Everyday scenes

I took this on Saturday evening of the 8th April. At the time I usually start my house cleaning because during the day is just too hot and I’m a tad lazy to get going earlier.
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Short Break to Correct Publishing Issues

If you have noticed lately I have been unable to post my blog on a daily basis. For some reason the posts I have been writing are not publishing. 29 more words

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