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Beauty In Strange Places

God can show us beauty in almost anything.  We just need to keep our eyes open!

I’m was trying to get ready for a trip this weekend… 29 more words

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Travels in Azerbaijan: Quba and Xinaliq

Being both longer and higher than the Alps, the Caucasus is difficult to describe in a nutshell. It reaches across Eurasia from the Black Sea to the Caspian, has a complex geological make up and around fifty plus ethnically diverse people, and, isolated as some parts of it are, many of them have their own specific genetic make up and language. 1,795 more words


Travels in Azerbaijan: Sheki, Lahic and Ivanovka

First impressions can be so treacherous. Take me and the Lovely Husband; when you first see us together, me all loud, wildly gesticulating, chatty and, okay yes, quite bossy, and he quiet, kind, gentlemanly and smiling enigmatically, you might get quite confused as to who wears the trousers in this relationship but make no mistake, this man has the character of a rhinoceros on steroids, believe me! 2,242 more words


This 'n' That - Making Ripples & Reflections

So last week and earlier this week I made mention of some Photoshop composition fantasy pictures I was creating and having a few issues with,  181 more words


This 'n' That - Creating a Home Studio Set Up

OK, so as I write this I currently do not have my new lino floor……….getting mad here! Anyway soldering on, I had to resort (again) to plastic drop sheets and white sheets for flooring on the studio floor. 607 more words


5 Published Books – 5 Years – or 10,000 Hours | Savvy Book Writers

. . Building up your readership takes lots of time, so it is surprising, that some authors dream of their first book as a potential bestseller, and don’t… 9 more words

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To Bleed or Not to Bleed

To start off this post, I should say that viewer discretion is advised, especially to all the men out there that still have a phobia of tampons and the female body’s monthly time. 603 more words

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