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For Grandma's Eyes

I don’t say Gramma or Grandma for that matter, Granny is my word. But Gramma is Shell’s word so that is what I’ll use. This is not my Gramma. 329 more words

This N' That

Update on my sabbatical 

So it’s been more than 4 months since I started my sabbatical. I thought I would write everyday or at least every other day – but who am I kidding, it’s been 66 days since my last post. 200 more words

The Nut

Past, Present and Future

I love that Facebook is now keeping up with highlights from your past posts. What a fun surprise it can be to sign in and get a little stroll down memory lane! 376 more words


Toes on My Brain

Big toes, tiny toes, thick toes, painted toes – toes are an extraordinarily odd appendage attached to the end of our feet. Have you tried to stare at your toes for a REALLY LONG TIME? 442 more words


Miss Marples favourite been murdered by Cyanide - 700 Tons of it is draining into the ground as we speak - Prayers Please for our whole planet !

FIRST THINGS FIRST ….. PRAYERS PLEASE to all those SOULs effected in the huge EXPLOSIONS & fires in CHINA … & who can be effected by the 700 TONS of SODIUM CYANIDE that is running into the ground and sewers in Tianjin … which is not far form Beijing .. 329 more words

This N That

Awaken LOVE says - as we are far beneath, as well as from beneath our feet

Depending on the perspective one has when considering  beneath ….  the possibilities are endless.

Well maybe not as endless as LOVE of and in all that IS, but Nature as well as the Angels n Guardians sure are impressive, with their daily Magical signs of creation at play .. 179 more words