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What I Actually Read in January

As expected, my January Booklist was merely high aspirations for a girl with too many ambitions, too little time, and an overabundant amount of lethargy. I ended up not touching or completing almost all of the books on my list, but HEAR ME OUT! 802 more words



She gets a glimpse every now and then of a blue room filled with stuffed animals, and she wonders if it was real or a dream. 506 more words


F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Making of the Jazz Age

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a key figure in the history of the Roaring Twenties. It was Fitzgerald, or “Scott,” as he was known to by his friends, who coined the term “Jazz Age” to describe the period. 1,520 more words

Book Reviews

Book #67: This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’d long been looking forward to reading This Side of Paradise, but the experience didn’t live up to my expectations.

For the first 20 pages or so, I was totally into it–I thought the characters were funny and strange and perfectly 1920s. 227 more words


Book #17 of the 2015 reading challenge – This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Read a popular author’s first book.

I love the idea of reading the classics. Books that are taught in school. Intellectual books that are supposed to enlighten you and leave you with something greater than just a story and a few hours of entertainment. 1,128 more words


This side of paradise - Wisdom

For this is wisdom–to love and live, To take what fate or the gods may give, To ask no question, to make no prayer, To kiss the lips and caress the hair, Speed passion’s ebb as we greet it’s flow, To have and to hold, and, in time–let go.

Kindle loc. 2169


This side of Paradise - The twilight quote

The great tapestries of trees had darkened to ghosts back at the last edge of twilight. The early moon had drenched the arches with pale blue, and, weaving over the night, in and out of the gossamer rifts of moon, swept a song, a song with more than a hint of sadness, infinitely transient, infinitely regretful.

Page 39, loc. 454