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Steamed up about the Gospel: we don`t get to make this up

In the depths of the Book of Common Prayer (do check this when you get home) there is a little Order of Service which we tend not to use any more. 1,698 more words

This Sunday

This Sunday + Este domingo: 5.29.16

This Sunday + Este domingo
May 29, 2016 + 29 de mayo de 2016
9th Sunday of Ordinary Time + 9º domingo del tiempo ordinario…
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The Holy Spirit tells you what time it is......

Last week my wrist-watch broke. To begin with I thought it was just the battery but no, its time was up …….and I was anticipating a few days of not knowing what time it was! 1,183 more words

This Sunday

Ascension Lord

Thursday of last week was Ascension Day…. and I make the same point every year that being on a Thursday usually means that it`s very easily overlooked… And this is a bit of a shame because this is one of the most significant moments in our Christian Calendar. 1,339 more words

This Sunday

Doing God

A few years ago a prominent public figure uttered some famous words: he said “We don`t DO God”. Let`s put aside for a moment the silliness of imagining that `God` is a subject you can `Do` or `not Do` as the fancy takes you… What this person was getting a bit worried that what we like to think of as a purely private matter (matters of belief) could begin to get mixed up in the way we organise what we like to call the `real` world. 952 more words

This Sunday

The Life of the Church...

Excerpts From the Bulletin of Sunday, May 8th, 2016 -” Festival of the Christian Home”

 Opening Prayer:  Gracious God, who created the families of the earth, we commend to your care all of the families of this congregation, all of the families in this community and all of the families in this world.  361 more words

Local Outreach

This Sunday

Your Sunday should consist of open ears to listen and a mouth thats closed. HE’S talking. FIND YOUR INSPIRATION BE BLESSED.