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This Week In History: Hippies on Broadway; Paul & John Say "No" to SNL; Rod Stewart Says "Bye" to Porsche; How much for that Fender Strat?; Sheryl Crow Helps the Environment?!

Welcome back to another week in music history with Joe Causi. This week we kick it back when the ‘Hippie Generation’ ruled the Broadway scene; Paul & John say “No, No, No” to SNL; Rod Stewart says “Bye Bye” to his Porsche; How much did someone pay for that Fender Strat?; And, Sheryl Crow wants to help the environment?! 367 more words


This is History: Wrigley Company Founded, Debut of TV in 1939, Harold Washington Becomes Mayor of Chicago, Oldsmobile Ceases Production

Michael, Kevin and Dave Schwan talk ‘This is History; including the launch of the Wrigley Company, TV is introduced at the Worlds Fair of 1939, Apple is founded, Harold Washington is Chicago’s 1st black Mayor to be sworn in, the last Oldsmobile. 17 more words

WGN Radio

The Doolittle Raid -- Exacting Revenge For Pearl Harbor

On April 18th, 1942, 16 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers would take off from the deck of the U.S.S. Hornet. They launched from 650 miles outside of Japan. 182 more words


This Week in History: The Boss, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, & Eamon

Joe Causi back at you again with another awesome week in music history! This week we go back to the ’60s when a no-name garage band would go one to be one of rock and rolls biggest artists; The ’70s when the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ takes to the skies; The ’80s, when the ‘King of Pop’ goes ablaze; The 90’s and one of rock history’s biggest finds; and finally to the 2000’s with one of our own from Staten Island, NY! 353 more words


This Week in History: Nancy + Frank, Billy Joel, DLR, and The Beatles

Hey Guys, Joe Causi back at you again with another week in history. This week, we’re filled with some highs and some lows — from the breakup of The Beatles to the biggest father and daughter duet of all time! 297 more words


Your Golden Opportunity to Be a Model

  • A $20 bill is on the counter alongside the condiments at McDonalds. Do you ask around for its owner or do you keep it?
  • Fireworks are illegal in your community even though everyone does it—and no one is fined.
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