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When Pride Becomes Our Own Worst Enemy

It stings to be overlooked—especially when you’re good at what you do.

Benedict Arnold’s name is synonymous with treason. He was the American Revolution’s Judas. When we were kids and someone was a traitor to a friendship, we called him Benedict Arnold. 489 more words

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Art That Saves Lives

Bacteria. We do our best to keep it away. Soap and water. Disinfectants. The latest wonder product sold on late-night television.

Well, most people do. Alexander Fleming painted with bacteria. 485 more words

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This Week in History: 18th January 1486 Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York

On 18 January 1486, Henry VII married Elizabeth of York in a ceremony which symbolised the unison of the houses of York and Lancaster and reinforced Henry’s hold on the crown. 344 more words


Tapping Into What God Has Given You

A little trivia for you history nerds: January 10 is the 117th anniversary  of the oil gusher at Spindletop near Beaumont, TX. Why is that such a big deal? 553 more words

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Please Don't Buy Me This for Christmas

Let’s give a birthday shout out to Gary Dahl, who would’ve turned 81 on December 18.


Gary Dahl launched one of the weirdest fads in the 70s—and that’s saying a lot considering it was, well, the 70s. 359 more words

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This Week in History: The Pastry War Breaks Out

Sometimes, forgettable incidents in history refuse to bow down and be overlooked. One way this happens is when the seriousness of the incident is pushed aside by a silly but memorable title. 324 more words


The legacy of Jews in U.S. Armed Forces

By Jerry Alperstein

In 2006 shortly after Representative John Boehner became Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, he met with leaders from the major veterans service organizations. 1,652 more words

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