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This Week in History: The Clash Have a Run-In With the Law, Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Cover, Courtney Love's Credit Trouble

With This Week in History, “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi looks back at Joe Strummer’s clash with the law, one of music’s most memorable album covers, and Courtney Love’s bad credit. 269 more words


This Week in History: New England Goes Dark

Almost 250 years ago this week, morning turned to night for the states of New England as darkness descended.

New Englanders had noticed something seemed wrong in the days building up to May 19th, 1780. 167 more words


This Week in History: U2's Traffic Jam, Donna Summer's 9/11 Connection, Mariah Carey Battles Eminem

With This Week in History, “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi takes a look into the one of the many traffic jams caused by U2, the theory behind Donna Summer’s death, and Mariah Carey putting one of rap’s biggest names in their place. 196 more words


This is History: U.S Constitution Written, American Red Cross Founded, The First Mother’s Day, Mickey Mouse Debuts, Microsoft Antitrust Lawsuit

Dave Plier and Dave Schwan discuss the writing of the U.S. Constitution, the founding of The American Red Cross, Mickey Mouse’s first appearance, Canada Dry Ginger Ale is introduced, the anti-trust Microsoft lawsuit, the very first Mother’s Day and a salute to television’s ‘most memorable moms’ by decade. 18 more words

Dave Plier

This Week In History: Beatles Take Control; The Boss' Big Debut; Farewell to the 'King of Reggae'; 'The Chairman' Retires; Dionne Gets Pinched

We’re back at you again with another week in music history…

This week we go back to the ’60s as The Beatles take control of the music charts; the ’70s when ‘The Boss’ makes his big debut; the ’80s where we say farewell to the ‘King of Reggae’; the ’90s as the ‘Chairman of the Board’ takes his final bow; and back to 2002 when, on her way to San Jose, Dionne Warwick gets pinched! 338 more words


Stop Tinkering and Start Living

We’re certainly familiar with the name Mercedes Benz. We may be less familiar with the name Karl Benz, the man who built the first practical automotive. 529 more words

This Week In History

This Week In History: Elvis Ties the Knot; MJ Goes Incognito; 'Night Fever' Hits #1, the Greatest Guitar Riff + More

Hi Guys, Joe Causi welcoming you back to another Week in History! This week the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ ties the knot and the ‘King of Pop’ goes incognito; The Bee Gees send everyone to the disco; The Cranberries take the matter into their own hands; and we find the greatest guitar riff of all time! 399 more words