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The legacy of Jews in U.S. Armed Forces

By Jerry Alperstein

In 2006 shortly after Representative John Boehner became Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, he met with leaders from the major veterans service organizations. 1,652 more words

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Why We Gravitate to Fake News

I hate fake news, and I venture you do too. But we’re not too worried about it if it lines up with what we want to believe. 742 more words

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How to Contribute to Those Who Contribute to You

Just because others don’t see the importance doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Just ask Mary Anderson.

On one of those nasty winter days complete with freezing rain. 419 more words

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A "This'll Do" Attitude Will Not Do

  • Ever studied for a test with the goal of just passing, not caring if you got an “A” or a “C?”
  • Ever gotten tired of a project, so you did the bare minimum to wrap it up and get it off your plate?
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Christians Really Should Stop Hanging Each Other

An average of 90,000 Christians are killed each year by those who stand opposed to Christ and His followers. [Source] It’s hard to imagine that Christians would participate in such persecution, but they have. 812 more words

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Standing in the Wrong Line Could Be a Good Thing

I’m fascinated with “chance encounters.” History is full of them. And so is your life.

  • Ever made a left turn when you should’ve gone right?
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This Week In History...

To most, it’s just another week. Not to us! Every so often, we like to look back on big moments that shaped the world (or just things that happened). 260 more words

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