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When I Die

I want to die in the midst of something: facedown in my mashed potatoes, shitting on the toilet, one leg in my pants. You will find me there, in the middle of a moment you’ve already lived passed. 2,101 more words

Home (Hawaii)

Describing Hawaii as somebody who grew up there is consistently one of the hardest things I’m asked to do. Hawaii is the most beautiful place on Earth. 1,882 more words


It was one of those moments where I could have reached out and touched my pain. Held hands with it. Cradled it. Tucked it in like a child. 854 more words


My stepfather is the type of man who requires a ten-minute nap some time between noon and three to get through the day, which meant that he would often fall asleep in the middle of reading to me. 678 more words