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Kristin's Birth Story

My story, is about taking back power in birth – it isn’t going to look the same for everyone, but this was my process. I am a c-section, Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) and homebirth mama. 2,648 more words


The “Essentials” for Labour & Birth

A quick google search for “labour essentials” or “what to pack labour and delivery” will yield thousands of results and lists upon lists of what you… 923 more words


Tori's Birth Story

My labour and delivery was pretty smooth up until the very end. 

I was in labour for about two days before I actually got admitted into the hospital.   1,502 more words


Birth Made Me Feel Weak.

To all the mothers who didn’t feel like superwoman after giving birth… this one’s for us.

It’s for the women who felt weak and dare I say, frail, after finally delivering their baby. 655 more words


Georgia's Birth Story

I’ve had three boys in three years and their births’ were all quite different. With my first (Micah), I didn’t really think about the birth and figured, ‘every mother has done it, how hard can it be?’ It never occurred to me that I would end up having a c section, not once. 1,582 more words


Sarah's Birth Story

My daughter, Remi, was due on December 22nd, 2019.

Pregnancy had been difficult. I experienced a lot of prenatal anxiety during my first trimester due to suffering a miscarriage two months prior to falling pregnant with Remi. 1,785 more words


Rebecca's Birth Story

My induction started at 8.30 am on Monday the 23rd of December with the 30 hour pessary. This kicked things off and I started getting contractions and dilating by that evening. 440 more words