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Usually a picture is worth a thousand words, I am considering the opposite for once. Welcome to Valerie’s Viand!

I Ate My Way Through The Weekend. To Make Myself Feel Less Guilty, I Checked Out What OTHER People Eat.

I had a great weekend. I spent most of it eating amazing food with great people. Literally, I’ve been eating since Thursday night. And while I didn’t go hog-wild with portions, I still feel a little guilty. 153 more words

This Exists

Bacon Overload

… We think it’s endearing how this particular sandwich, from thisiswhyyourefat.com, with 450 grams of fried bacon, includes lettuce.

Denial never tasted so good.


Chicken Soup

This is chicken soup for my 2010 soul xD

Here we go, my 12 goals: 170 more words

The Life Of Crazy Daisy

Thanks, Cammy

What do Omaha and Providence have in common?

I think the first comment says it all.

Qualifies as "low carb" right?

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