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May 12, 2016 Paint the City

As to a wandering toad…  Moves disturbingly about the midnight city…  Sometimes taking photographs of those would be tags left by those mysterious taggers, silently moving about the midnight city, spray-can in one hand and a beer in the other… 29 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

Pushy Friend & Granville Tag

Above image of a pushy friend…

While a toad spent the day at the park, by the tennis club..  A toad loves to hear the tennis balls bounce back an forth…  Strange but a toad find the sound of the bouncing tennis balls soothing.. 147 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

Downtown Graffiti, (The Hood!)...

A toad, doesn’t really desire togo downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,  whereas full of desirable an undesirable memories…

Being a drug addict, there have been times throughout toad’s life where you could have seen the toad half naked an digging in the dirt throughout the alleys, nonetheless… 35 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

Miscellaneous Tags, April 27, 2016

As a toad is cleaning up some of his uploads…   There would be some image, not used of forgotten..

So methinks, why should i not put them into the trash? 27 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

Pole Tags April 24, 2016

As a toad wanders throughout the midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada, just doing what a toad does…

To run throughout the darkness of night, spray can in one hand and beer in the other, as to we paint the midnight city… 49 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

April 22, 2016 Laundry Tags

Storming the midnight city, a toad must do, what a toad must do!  That’s damn laundry… This livin….

It gave the toad time to put together a Laundry Tags, post… 7 more words

Vancouver BC Canada

Damn, those Taggers!

To wander a city, not only a city, but the midnight city! A toad does get around within fun and play throughout the musical rhyme in god’s given day… 66 more words

Vancouver BC Canada