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The Beale Pamphlet & The Chronological Order Of Actual Events

George Graham’s visit: Fall/1818
Treaty signing date:   February 1819
Beale’s first visit:   January 1820
11 months
Treaty’s Rat. Date:    February 1821
Beale’s second visit:  January 1822… 218 more words

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More Beale Pamphlet Info - "The Corporation"

Let’s see, where to even begin? As I attempted to do once before “allow me” to begin with the most critical element that people have to take the time to research and to understand, this including the entire operation of that most powerful monied corporation in the world, the Second Bank of America. 623 more words

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The Most Important Beale Pamphlet Disclosure You Will Ever Read. The Truth Behind The Tale!

The following is the result of years of research into this long standing treasure mystery. Today I’ve decided to share something extremely profound with you, the truth behind the tale. 1,192 more words

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The Beale Papers Duper

By now most folks have heard of the famous Beale Pamphlet treasure legend, this story allegedly involving a party of 30 adventurers who went out west in the early 1800’s and then transported two separate huge loads of gold and silver and diamonds to an undisclosed location in Bedford County, Virginia, these two deposits supposedly still in place and open to free discovery at the time of the pamphlet’s publication. 771 more words

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Jane's Underrated (MYSTERY!) Short Film Of The Month

The trail for this short reads: “Professor White, cryptographer extraordinaire, is on the trail of the notoriously uncrackable Thomas Beale cipher, a century-old riddle hiding the location of a fortune in gold. 220 more words



LEVIATHAN OR, THE WHALE by Philip Hoare (4th Estate, 2008)

The Natural History of the Sperm Whale by Thomas Beale was published in 1839, a work which Philip Hoare refers to as… 376 more words