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The Oppression of Red State America

In a piece entitled Liberals Need to Take Their Fingers Out of Their Ears, Thomas B. Edsall has a lot of useful thoughts on the reasons why Red State America is mad as hell. 351 more words

How Immigration Foiled Hillary - The New York Times

This is a really good long read and analysis of the tensions in rural America over immigration and related issues.

While the Canadian electoral system (ridings) makes lop-sided margins in cities and rural ridings less significant, it nevertheless is a reminder of the need to find ways to alleviate the concerns and apprehensions of rural voters: 1,772 more words


Trash and Trump

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve queried: How in the world did Donald Trump become president? My blog post from October 20, almost three weeks prior to the election, speaks a cultural truth – for better and worse, … 968 more words


When You Reject Class-Based Politics, ‘Thoughtful’ Appeals to Racism Are All You’ve Got Left

Sanders is viewed favorably by every ethnic group polled—from 52 percent among whites to 73 percent among African-Americans. If that’s not what “broad majority biracial appeal” looks like, I don’t know what would.    930 more words

Media Criticism

#27: new image holding environments needed

In my review in the Brooklyn Rail of the ICP show Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change, I write:

As access has exponentially grown to visualization and distribution technologies, what changes is not the urgency to capture the world with evidentiary, critical or even forbidden images.

449 more words

Six Blind Social Scientists Examine the Populist Elephant in Some Detail

This morning Thomas B. Edsall, opinion writer for the Washington Post and professor of journalism, calls our attention to a Harvard Kennedy School working paper by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris, … 317 more words