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The Redistribution Reality

Democrats Face a Nation Increasingly Skeptical of Their Mission

Two fascinating pieces at the New York Times last week reveal liberal anxiety over American views of wealth redistribution. 676 more words

News Commentary / Current Events

Thomas Edsall: Has Obamacare Turned Voters Against Sharing the Wealth?

New York Times: With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the share of Americans convinced that health care is a right shrank from a majority to a minority. 125 more words


Which side are they on?

The Republican Party leadership is explicitly anti-union because they recognize that unions are a key support for the Democratic Party and a key opponent of the right-wing corporate agenda. 555 more words


Child Poverty Rate Falls Slightly But Poverty Still Casts a Long Shadow

Earlier this week the Census released data for 2013 showing that child poverty fell to approximately 20 percent.  Despite the slight improvement, one in five American children still lives below the federal poverty line of $18,769 for a single-parent family of three.  878 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

“Multigenerational poverty is self-evidently more than a question of housing. It is unlikely to yield to even the best-intentioned one-dimensional approach.

Multifactorial approaches may be more productive.”

12 more words

It Has Become Disturbingly Easy to Be a Criminal These Days

I don’t have a lot in common politically with Thomas Edsall, but this piece, decrying “poverty capitalism” deserves to be read by lots and lots and… 169 more words