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Im-Politic: Why Roseanne is Right About Trump Voters

So is Roseanne right about Trump and his victory in the 2016 presidential elections? Normally I wouldn’t attach any special importance to what an entertainer thinks about politics (or anything else outside entertainment). 628 more words


The Oppression of Red State America

In a piece entitled Liberals Need to Take Their Fingers Out of Their Ears, Thomas B. Edsall has a lot of useful thoughts on the reasons why Red State America is mad as hell. 351 more words

How Immigration Foiled Hillary - The New York Times

This is a really good long read and analysis of the tensions in rural America over immigration and related issues.

While the Canadian electoral system (ridings) makes lop-sided margins in cities and rural ridings less significant, it nevertheless is a reminder of the need to find ways to alleviate the concerns and apprehensions of rural voters: 1,772 more words


Trash and Trump

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve queried: How in the world did Donald Trump become president? My blog post from October 20, almost three weeks prior to the election, speaks a cultural truth – for better and worse, … 968 more words


When You Reject Class-Based Politics, ‘Thoughtful’ Appeals to Racism Are All You’ve Got Left

Sanders is viewed favorably by every ethnic group polled—from 52 percent among whites to 73 percent among African-Americans. If that’s not what “broad majority biracial appeal” looks like, I don’t know what would.    930 more words

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