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Working As An Editor/Writer Can Be A Horror

I was going through my files today and I came across this article from 1996. It ran in a magazine called The Nightmare Express. Not only does it have some good information in it, it seems appropriate for the season. 1,001 more words

What makes a horror novel? Author Mario Acevedo answers

Part of a (hopefully) ongoing series where I ask authors to define what makes a book a true work of horror. Here’s my definition. 134 more words

Burned, Then Back to the Flame.

Pegged Jean Nightmares 23

If you’ve been reading my Pegged Jean Nightmares updates, you’ve noticed most of my childhood fears came from books. This entry starts in the same vein, but it has a nice twist at the end. 318 more words

Pegged Jean Nightmares

The Secret to Being a Writer

If you have been following this blog for a while you know I tend to be pretty straightforward. In fact, unless we’re talking golf or fishing, if you ask… 720 more words


Women in Horror -- Elizabeth Massie's "Stephen"

I’m so nervous about this post. There aren’t many things that I feel are Sacred, but Elizabeth Massie‘s short story “Stephen” is one of them. 660 more words


CYA News Vol. 3, Issue 9: How to Write A Book, Pt. 3 / Jesus Freaks

I was glad to see folks enjoying the last few blog posts.  I hope you guys know that I write this stuff for you.  I’d be pretty conceited if I spouted this nonsense because I thought you should live the way I do.  1,289 more words


Borderlands 5

So I’m reading this collection of “imaginative fiction” that my friend sent me.  The first two stories are great, really, but dear God, the introduction.  I have never read such a condescending, insulting introduction to… 66 more words

Bad Stuff