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What are you worried about, Thomas Friedman?

In his commentary piece in yesterday’s New York Times, Friedman wrote:

[N]ow that Trump is about to put his hand on the Bible and be sworn in, I’ve never been more worried for my country.

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Thank You For Being Late—Buyer Beware

Excellent take down of Thomas Friedman’s newest NY Times best seller by Justin Peters of Slate.

Fav pgraph:

“Thank You for Being Late was put to bed well before the presidential election, and throughout the text Friedman makes occasional dismissive references to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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The Dizzy Pace of Change: Thomas Friedman Has a Recipe to Thrive

by iMFdirect

New York Times columnist and best-selling author Thomas Friedman says our lives are being transformed in so many realms at once—it’s dizzying.

“We’re in the middle of 3 accelerations; the market, mother nature, and Moore’s law. 193 more words

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Full House For The Holidays

Quiet Holiday

Guests Claimed Nothing To Do Here

Screens glowed,  hearth went cold.

A Happy New Year to each and everyone.

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What I'm reading when I'm not writing

Like many genre writers I find it difficult to write when I’m also reading in genre. Occasionally, while writing, I’ll read a romance in another genre and sometimes, after the writing is done I’ll treat myself to a book within my own contemporary genre but most times I read non-fiction. 598 more words


A Rabbi's Story

A rabbi once asked his students: “How do we know when the night has ended and the day has begun?”  The students thought they grasped the importance of this question.   438 more words

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New York Times’ Tom Friedman Projects His Own Sins Onto Netanyahu
by Ira Stoll
December 29, 2016

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman likens Prime Minister Netanyahu to a “dog” and a “drunk” — and then, with a remarkable lack of self-awareness, faults President-elect Trump’s choice to be ambassador to Israel for insulting other Jews. 70 more words

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