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Climate change definitely contributed to the conflict in Syria

Manmade climate change helped spark the Syrian Arab Spring. That’s the conclusion of a new study that shows how global warming caused an unprecedented drought in Syria starting in the winter of 2006-07, and contributed directly to the popular uprising in that country in 2011. 430 more words

China Is Creating a New Economic World Order Right Under the West’s Nose

China Is Creating a New Economic World Order Right Under the West’s Nose | The Nation.

So, why do we care about China? Because they are the United States’ main economic competitor and it is the main country where most of our offshoring jobs went to. 3,131 more words

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Is Isis Islamic?

I thought Tom Friedman’s column in today’s NYTimes nicely caught the nuances. Yes, ISIS is certainly Islamic. It’s a version of Islam with its own claim to historical legitimacy. 173 more words


What Difference Would It Make if We Said We're in a Holy War with Islam?

The political Right, Left, and numerous News Media Outlets are all pre-occupied with how we talk about ISIS, and the dire threats emanating from the middle east. 504 more words


Tom Friedman: ISIS Heads to Rome

New York Times: The Italians got this one right. Last week, The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor helpfully collected tweets that Italians put out after a murderous video issued by the Islamic State, or ISIS, warned: “Today we are south of Rome,” one militant said. 93 more words


What Happens to the Eloi When the Morlocks Leave Town: A Lesson for Jim Prentice from H.G. Wells

    “History is a race between education and catastrophe.” — H G Wells

HG Wells may not have had a time machine, but he was certainly prescient. 896 more words

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Globalization in Bangkok

My first proper blog post and it leads on from my brief introduction in “The End of Geography” where I briefly touched upon globalization. This behemoth of a term, which journalists, politicians and social scientists throw around like peas at a canteen food fight, has popped up in… 636 more words