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Healthcare's Age of Acceleration

I recently finished Thomas Friedman’s excellent book, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations. In it, Friedman makes that case that we are living through an unparalleled time, marked by what he calls “accelerations” that are happening faster than humans are able to adapt.   578 more words


Migrants and Climate Change

Source: Thomas Friedman, The New York Times, November 16

When you visit the Pentagon, ask the generals about climate change. Here’s what they’ll tell you: a majority of immigrants flooding Europe today are not coming from Syria or Iraq. 85 more words

Walmart, Hurricane Relations with Beer

Selama badai hurricanes, pegawai Walmart  mengatakan bahwa Walmart tahu bahwa orang-orang akan memakan lebih banyak makanan seperti Pop-Tarts – yaitu, makanan yang mudah disimpan dan tidak mudah busuk – dan toko Walmart mereka juga lebih banyak menjual mainan anak-anak yang tidak membutuhkann listrik dan bisa menggantikan TV. 99 more words

Hillary Destroyed Her Own Campaign

(This is the title of an article by Betsy Woodruff in The Daily Beast, as posted on the MSN.com website.)

I have never been a part of the inner workings of any political campaign, but I am under the impression that a lot of people do a lot of planning over many months, if not years.  412 more words

What challenges does globalisation pose for the norms, rules and practices of international society?

We came, we saw, we sat it out.

Globalisation is a medium for the spread of international systems around the world. From the years of imperialism to the present modern world, it has shaped the norms and practices of how states and non-states work and interact with one another. 889 more words


Who Are We? - by Tom Friedman - The New York Times

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — THE 9/11 suicide attack, spearheaded by 19, mostly Saudi, young men in the name of Islam, ignited a debate in the Sunni Arab world about religion and how their societies could have produced such suicidal fanatics. 290 more words

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