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Globalization: The Solution or The Problem?

A response to Thomas Friedman’s investigation of globalization in India. 74 more words

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Từ Beirut đến Jerusalem

Tác giả: Thomas Friedman. Alpha Books và NXB Thế giới phát hành năm 2014. Đặng Ly dịch.

Tôi thấy đây là cuốn sách đáng đọc nhất của Friedman trong số bốn cuốn sách của ông đã được dịch sang tiếng Việt. 1,243 more words

Du Ký

The Singularity

The human being of 200 years from now will be more different from the human being of today than the human being of today is from Neanderthals or chimpanzees. 2,952 more words


Neocon War-monger and Israel-firster Thomas Friedman Writes Trump Should Leave "ISIS" Alone and Send More Weapons to Al-Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

Sean BUTTERS Spicer said it the other day: the first goal is destabilizing Syria. Making ready for “regime” change.

Over at the New York Times, neocon Thomas Friedman, who has never met a war he didn’t like, wrote an Op-Ed that takes that credo and turns it into a plan of action that he suggests Trump follow. 450 more words

Scott Creighton

Why Is Trump Fighting ISIS in Syria? - By Thomas Friedman - NYT

“Let’s go through the logic: There are actually two ISIS manifestations.One is “virtual ISIS.” It is satanic, cruel and amorphous; it disseminates its ideology through the internet. 367 more words


The despicable Van Jones

When news of Van Jones’s Communist background came to light in 2009 – shortly after he’d been named the Obama White House’s “green czar” – Kyle Smith of the New York Post… 595 more words