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One in three Americans would consider moving abroad

Even on this Fourth of July weekend, 35% of Americans say they’d consider leaving the United States for another country.

According to a national survey… 528 more words

Tom Friedman: My Choice for President? None of the Above, raises questions about Friedman.

Tom Friedman: “How is it that we are not deploying a carbon tax and using that to reduce payroll taxes that discourage hiring and shrink corporate taxes that reduce investment? 274 more words

Politics And Economics

Thomas Friedman: A Good Bad Deal?

New York Times — Sometime after the 1973 war, I remember seeing a cartoon that showed President Anwar el-Sadat lying flat on his back in a boxing ring. 107 more words

International Relations

Thomas Friedman: Cold War Without the Fun

New York Times — Let’s see, America is prepositioning battle tanks with our East European NATO allies to counterbalance Russia; U.S. and Russian military planes recently flew within 10 feet of each other; Russia is building a new generation of long-range ballistic missiles; and the U.S. 99 more words


Thomas Friedman: None of the Above

New York Times — I don’t recall a time when more people were running for president and fewer of them offered anything more than poll-tested generalities designed to rally their own bases. 140 more words


Thomas Friedman: How to Beat the Bots

New York Times — So here’s an interesting statistic from a 2014 labor survey by burning-glass.com: 65 percent of new job postings for executive secretaries and executive assistants now call for a bachelor’s degree, but “only 19 percent of those currently employed in these roles have a B.A.” So four-fifths of secretaries today would not be considered for two-thirds of the job postings in their own field because they do not have a four-year degree to do the job they are already doing! 108 more words


The Fourth "I"

Each year, at graduation time we ask ourselves, “How well have we prepared our students for the future?” Given the unprecedented rate of change in the world, this is a question with no easy answer. 885 more words