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Critics fear Trump Mid-East Policy may cause renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman

By Yuval Weiss

Last Updated 2/27/2017 at 12:30 PM

Washington: With the Trump Administration’s controversial new Middle Eastern policy of not being Iran’s bitch renewed skepticism toward traditional adversaries and not telling allies where their nation’s capital is, critics fear that if things don’t change quickly, the region may face a renewed outbreak of Thomas Friedman. 12 more words

The Donald

Geography: Asia & Globalization

During my time teaching in a bilingual school in Guatemala City, I taught geography to two groups of highly motivated 9th graders.  This was a class I genuinely loved to teach, because my passion for world travel, languages, and cultures could really shine.   117 more words


All About Blah, Blah, Blah

   I simply can no longer tolerate blah, blah, blah.  I don’t know if my age has anything to do with it, maybe it has been learned from my many hours on the Internet as Tom Friedman suggested in his book… 436 more words


FAKE NEWS: The Left's Trumped Up Russia Conspiracy

Rather than licking their wounds over the election, Democrats are just standing there bleeding out, still very much in denial that they lost. It grows more evident with each passing day.  952 more words

What Trump Is Doing Is Not O.K. - Thomas Friedman - NYT

“Thank God for the resignation in shame by Mike Flynn, President Trump’s national security adviser. And not just because he misled the vice president and engaged in deeply malignant behavior with Russia, but, more important, because maybe it will finally get the United States government, Congress and the news media to demand a proper answer to what is still the biggest national security question staring us in the face today: What is going on between Donald Trump and the Russians? 245 more words

Thomas Friedman

President Trump- Will You Save the Jews? - Thomas Friedman - NYT

“Dear President Trump:

These are the moments that make or break a presidency.

First you were tested by a rival — Russia — and utterly failed to appreciate the corrosive impact on our democracy of your indulgence of Russia’s hacking our election. 191 more words

Middle East

If many Americans are feeling overwhelmed these days by globalization, it’s because we’ve let all the physical technologies driving it (immigration, trade, and digital flows) get way too far ahead of the social technologies (the learning and adapting tools) needed to cushion their impacts and anchor people in healthy communities that can help them thrive when the winds of change howl and bring so many strangers and strange ideas directly into their living rooms.

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