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Opinion | Trump’s Dream Come True: Trashing Obama and Iran in One Move - by Thomas Friedman - NYT

My wife is building a language museum in Washington (I’m its vice chairman), so people often send her funny examples of word play, including a list of mixed-up idioms from oxforddictionaries.com.

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Opinion | Israel’s Got Its Own Refugee Dilemma: African ‘Dreamers’ - by Thomas Friedman - NYT

TEL AVIV — It’s been obvious to me for some time that the Israeli-Arab conflict is to wider global geopolitical trends what Off Broadway is to Broadway.

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Iran's Threat of Revenge Overshadows Israel's 70th Independence Day Celebrations

The mistaken activation of Syria’s air defense system emphasizes the high alertness on the northern border. Meanwhile, the IDF is working overtime to tell the Iranians: Your troops are exposed… 891 more words

Promoting Global Citizenship: The Mission of Pangaea First

Approximately 335 million years ago, the continents of the world assembled into a larger super-continent called Pangaea.  During this time, the Earth was not divided by either natural constructs like oceans, or artificial constructions like borders. 1,023 more words

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'Code Red' in America

Our democracy is in serious danger. … 

“This is ‘code red‘. The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office.” 191 more words

Some Things Are True Even if Trump Believes Them - by Thomas Friedman - NYT

Thomas Friedman is great when he is on. He writes that China is a big problem, but the Trump steel tariff hurts our allies and not China.

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