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Iran: the enemy of our enemy is our friend

If you are following this topic, I recommend you read Tom Friedman first. Then one of the many excellent comments, one of which is here: 189 more words

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Thomas Friedman: Look Before Leaping

New York Times: I can think of many good reasons to go ahead with the nuclear deal with Iran, and I can think of just as many reasons not to. 242 more words

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Stalking Netanyahu's Victory: Palestine and Iran


(Prefatory Note: This is a much modified version of an article published online by Al Jazeera America on March 19, 2015; its ambition is to grasp the dual significance of the Likud victory for strengthening the role of civil society activism in the Palestinian struggle and with respect to the ongoing diplomacy associated with Iran nuclear program.) 2,114 more words


Reasons to be cheerful...1..2..3

Today is the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, although you might not have realised it, given recent headlines. So I thought I’d inject a ray of sunshine by sharing three things that I see in the world today that give me reason to think it may not be all doom and gloom. 709 more words

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Thomas Friedman: Bibi Will Make History

New York Times: Well, it’s pretty clear now: Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be a major figure in Israeli history — not because he’s heading to become the longest-serving Israeli prime minister, but because he’s heading to be the most impactful. 97 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An appeal to " the other IRAN" 

Say it isn’t so!  I read the Economist last week, the issue dated 3/7-13, The new Nuclear Age, “Why the risks of conflict are rising”.   There was no rejoicing, as I read why AMERICA wants a deal with Iran.   495 more words


TFried on ISIS

From Thomas Friedman at the NYT:

In 2002, we destroyed Iran’s main Sunni foe in Afghanistan (the Taliban regime).

That’s gonna come as news to the Taliban.

97 more words
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