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C.G. O’Kelly Library‬ Information Commons Coordinator, Forrest Foster is reading ‪‎The World is Flat‬ by ‪Thomas Friedman‬. This book is on the history of the 21st century, and the globalization being presented during that time.


Evil on a Biblical Scale: A Practical View

The preoccupation with error is nothing more than a decision not to know.” (Secret 131 from Secrets of Heaven)

I have pegged a NY Times column…

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Our country's tried and true formula for success.

Thomas Friedman answers the Quora question, 

What is the most urgent issue in America that needs to be addressed?

The short answer is to get back to our tried and true formula for success.  150 more words


Impossible Missions, by Tom Friedman - The New York Times

“I just read a book that Barack Obama and Donald Trump would both enjoy.It argues that the last two decades of U.S. foreign policy were an aberration — an era when America became so overwhelmingly more powerful than any rival that it got geopolitically drunk and decided that it didn’t just want to be a cop on the beat protecting our nation, but also a social worker, architect and carpenter doing nation-building abroad.It was all done with the best of intentions, and in some cases did save precious lives. 309 more words

Foreign Affairs And U.S.ForeignPolicy

Does Obama Have This Right? -  by Tom Friedman, the New York Times

“We and the E.U. together have got to think about how to create safe places in Libya and Syria to stem the refugee tide before it breaks the E.U. 334 more words

Middle East

The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist

The fact that no two countries have gone to war since they both got McDonald’s is partly due to economic integration, but it is also due to the presence of American power and America’s willingness to use that power against those who would threaten the system of globalization — from Iraq to North Korea. 49 more words

(What's Left of) Our Economy: Thomas Friedman's Trump Trade Column Must be a Hack Job

Thomas Friedman’s email account must have been hacked! Assuming the New York Times columnist doesn’t walk his offerings over to the paper’s editorial page office, what else could explain the appearance last night of… 507 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy