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Tom Friedman’s Iran Ignorance

Commentary Magazine, by Michael Rubin, April 14, 2015:

Jonathan Tobin highlights well some problems with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s defense of President Barack Obama’s empathy with Iran. 531 more words

Counter Jihad Report

The Palestinian Statehood Idea Begins to Crumble

by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn
April 9, 2015

A sea change began within hours of the Israeli election returns. Thomas L. Friedman, who has devoted much of his life to promoting Palestinian statehood, declared in his New York Times column that the idea of a Palestinian state is “not possible anymore.” That was followed by his Times colleague David K. 99 more words

Israel & Middle East

DANIEL HENNINGER: The Incredible Obama Doctrine

Wall Street Journal: Speak softly and claim to carry a big stick, which you have no intention of ever using.

Last weekend, with the ink on the Iran nuclear deal still being deciphered, the Obama Doctrine fell out of an interview between President Obama and Thomas Friedman of the New York Times. 37 more words

International Relations

An Imperfect Nuclear Deal with Iran: What Else?

You only have to glance at news headlines in recent days to see that the nuclear deal with Iran raised as many tough questions as it solved. 1,056 more words


Why Is Obama’s Stance on Israel Questioned by So Many ?

by Jonathan S. Tobin
April 6, 2015

Yesterday in an interview with the New York Times Thomas Friedman, President Obama purported to be aggrieved that anyone would question his support for Israel or his respect for concerns about its security. 143 more words

Israel & Middle East

Thomas Friedman: The Obama Doctrine and Iran

New York Times: In September 1996, I visited Iran. One of my most enduring memories of that trip was that in my hotel lobby there was a sign above the door proclaiming “Down With USA.” But it wasn’t a banner or graffiti. 188 more words