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Baked Goods Part 1 (American Pie, 1999)

American Pie was a movie released promising to bring back the spirit of films Like Porky’s, Hot Dog, Ski School and Revenge of the Nerds.  They were going to push the boundaries, starting with the plot.  461 more words


Rookie of the Year (1993)

Directed by Daniel Stern
Written by Sam Harper

Coming off a baseball movie centered around kids in The SandlotRookie of the Year mirrors much of the same themes and ideas as that film, and borrows also from  720 more words


Walt Before Mickey (2015) Film Review

Walt Disney was always a fascinating person, after all he did create the Walt Disney Animation Studios and the theme parks. Walt Before Mickey is a film based on the early life of Walt Disney from when he was a boy in Kansas to when he creates his own animation studio. 277 more words


Walt Before Mickey

Walt Before Mickey is a biographical drama centered around the early years of Walt Disney’s animation career. The movie starts off with Walt’s return from the war, soon after he sets off to start his own animation company. 160 more words


THOMAS NICHOLAS BAND - 'Security' (Pledge) [6]

You’ll recognise Thomas Nicholas as Kevin from the American Pie film franchise, and like most actors turned musicians, he’s had to work doubly hard to prove he’s the real deal. 93 more words


The Night He Jumped the Shark (Halloween Resurrection, 2002)

So, if Halloween H20 tied everything up nicely and gave closure for the character of Laurie Strode, what did they do for number eight?  Why completely undo it of course!  766 more words


This Week on Morning Men with Evan Cohen & Mike Babchik: Lisa Ann is a Daniel Murphy fan


A lot happens on the Morning Men on Mad Dog Sports Radio, so it’s a good thing that a guy like me takes notes on everything I’ve learned over the course of the week. 449 more words