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Publicity crazed celebrity chefs around the country have been contacting us to post their Halloween creations.

Nancy Silverton of Osteria Mozza and LaBrea Bakery fame creates an amazing Jack-O-Lantern pizza.

This year Nancy deconstructs the original Mozza Jack-O-Lantern pizza recipe “I’m a little bored with all the fancy flour and yeast so I have created the Jack-O’-Lantern pizza made from edible Play –doh”. 552 more words

Dining Out

Cookbooks in the Age of the Internet

People ask me what cookbooks I recommend and there are really one two because for almost everything I now go to the Internet. There are so many food websites that it is impossible to distill it down to a simple favorites list, and on YouTube there are videos for every technique imagineable that are more valuable than anything written attempting to explain it. 879 more words


I think that you’ve got to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller (born October 14, 1955) is a Michelin three-star chef, famous for his exacting standards at restaurants like the French Laundry, Per Se, and Bouchon.

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More Cooking, Less Dining

I have been pretty busy with school and haven’t posted in a while. Sorry, about that. Now I want to get something off my chest. Not having a car in Los Angeles sucks. 199 more words

Kitchen Tips Tuesday: "Cleaner" Cookies

Lately, I’ve dipped my toe into the wholesale side of my little baking enterprise which is forcing me to expand my repertoire of sweets to keep the variety fresh for my clients. 220 more words


Where We've Dined

The 3-Michelin-starred Restaurant at Meadowood – July 5, 2016

Our most memorable dining experiences in restaurants across North America.

Rosendale’s   |   Columbus, Ohio   |   Spring 2009 (Now CLOSED) 592 more words

Tasting Menu

Children eat free at PER SE in The Time Warner Building

Kids eat FREE at Per Se on September 18…………if they are under 16 yrs old………but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian…….who each pay $225 for lunch.   71 more words