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Lobster Poached in Beurre Monte or Cook Like Thomas Keller -- I did!

Recently I was asked to prepare an elaborate menu for a very special birthday dinner of which one course was lobster tail.  I thought of piggy backing lobster tail and serving with a compound butter but that seemed rather been there, done that.  797 more words

Beurre Monte

Day 5: St. Helena and Yountville

To the delight of our taste buds, the last 2 days of our journey included not only some great tasting wines, but some amazing culinary experiences as well.  590 more words

Pickled Rainier Cherries

I’ve had an interesting two weeks!  The night before my had surgery (#7) I was up all night cooking.  I was determined to eat well during my recovery.   772 more words


Thomas Keller's Chicken Pot Pie [RECIPE]

I love chicken pot pie. It is classic American cuisine. Pot pie screams down-home comfort food. Up until last night if you would have asked me who makes the best chicken pot pie I would have said Costco. 1,330 more words


Chef Cesar Troisgros: Writing My Own Story at Maison Troisgros

There is an explosion of young culinary talent in the French kitchens embodying the propagation of modern French cuisine though many of them have come from other parts of the world like James Henry, Heideki Nishi, Kazu Nakatani, Hayden Clout, Simone Tondo and many more. 2,583 more words


Blogging Prompt...

Hi All,

How is everyone doing?  We are doing well here.

So one of my assignments here was to create a BlogRoll that lists the blogs that I like to follow – that’s quite a list by the way because there are some great blogs and websites out there.   433 more words

7/4/15 - Per Se, Elephant Bar at the Nomad Hotel, Dead Rabbit, and Batard

Per Se

The 4th of July is perhaps my favorite day of the year to be in New York. It is so quiet and basically empty. 392 more words

New York