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A Table at The French Laundry

After trying for a reservation for over six years, I finally scored a table at The French Laundry, the famed dining mecca in Yountville. As all foodies know, when you are lucky enough to get a table here, you book a plane ticket and you go. 930 more words


Reading Challenge #8: A Book With Multiple Authors

Title: Bouchon Bakery

Authors: Thomas Keller & Sebastien Rouxel with Susie Heller, Matthew McDonald, Michael Ruhlman, & Amy Vogler

How it fulfills the challenge:  291 more words

Reading Challenge

2016 The Year End Review – the intersection of the Foodboom and Politics.

(Warning this is Fake News)

Anthony Bourdain to Challenge Trump for the Presidency in 2020

The omnipresent Bourdain issued a press release establishing an exploratory committee to seek the nations’ highest office. 1,112 more words


Ultimo 2016 — dining doesn't get much finer than this

Restaurants are the new casinos in Las Vegas, and smart celebrity chefs have capitalized on the paradigm shift that’s taken place in recent years. To wit, the international roll call of high-end eateries that now exists here has given Sin City a reputation for fine dining that’s easily on par with — if not outranking — its appeal as a gaming/entertainment destination. 468 more words

You may be a Nobel Laureate but can you take the top of an egg off clean?

If you have lived south of the Mason Dixon line for any amount of time you probably have heard of the expression; “Well if you have gone to the trouble.” This saying rings very true anytime that I go to a restaurant that has on the menu a dish that is a pain in the ass to make, prepare and repeat consistently. 808 more words

Weekend Fun

Roasted Carrot Salad With Curry Aigre-Doux

While trying to find inspiration for my Christmas meal ‘salad course’, I came across a dish listing at https://epicures.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/per-se-nyc-3/ – and in particular, it was the salad dish described as: 515 more words


Napa - 9/6/16 - The French Laundry

With apologies to my still single friends and family, I fear that any wedding I attend in the future will be a disappointment. This was exactly what I would want for my own wedding, but since it has already been done I suppose I will have to stick to my Carrie Bradshaw city hall plan. 318 more words