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Pullman Loaf Of Sourdough And A Salad Made With Gadgets

Note: 1) Thomas Keller puts salt and pepper on the lettuce in some salads; I put salt and pepper over the lettuce, and I did not put any salt and pepper in the vinaigrette… 155 more words


Thomas Keller's Scrambled Eggs

These scrambled eggs are the best! The flavor of these eggs was great. I was able to savor the important flavor of eggs from the beginning to the end. 108 more words


Thomas Keller's Croque Madame

Thomas Keller is the very best! This sandwich is my new favorite sandwich. The familiar flavors in this sandwich are intense and very satisfying. Mornay made with gruyere has a very pleasing flavor. 195 more words


Emily's Famous Hash Browns And Thomas Keller's Scrambled Eggs

Note: 1) after putting salt on the potatoes, let them stand for 5 minutes to remove water from the potatoes, 2) remove the hash brown from the oil with a spatula, put it on a plate, cover it with a different plate, flip the plates over, use the spatula to return the hash brown to the oil, 3) I used the heat between medium and medium-high, 4) consider only frying the hash brown for 7 minutes on each side, 4) bacon does not stick to the bottom of a pan when it is fried in oil, 5) this small bâtard was made by cutting a baguette flattened by hand in half, and then stacking the dough, and flattening the pieces together before shaping the bâtard (see my blog post… 361 more words


Tuna Fish Sandwich

In my previous blog post, I explained that when my mother attended school, we survived on ramen, tuna fish sandwiches, and milk. This is how my tuna fish sandwich appears after 30 years. 232 more words


Restaurant Review: The French Laundry

For many years the number one restaurant on my wish list was The French Laundry. This restaurant is the flagship restaurant of Thomas Keller, who will go down as the best American chef of the 20th and 21st centuries. 1,208 more words


Ramen In Szechwan Chicken Consommé & Boiled Chicken Salad Sandwiches On Sourdough

Sometimes when my mother went to school, my family survived on ramen, tuna fish sandwiches, and milk. This is my first time making homemade ramen. This was very good. 419 more words