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Abbey of Gethsemani

About a decade ago, seemingly by accident, but perhaps not, I came across the book Seven Storey Mountain, the autobiographical account of Father Thomas Merton.  Both fascinating and inspiring, it’s an unforgettable read with an abundant measure of food for thought.  118 more words


When I am liberated by silence, when I am no longer involved in the measurement of life but in the living of it, I can discover a form of prayer in which there is effectively no distraction. 28 more words


My poverty is found within my contradiction.

Two human characteristics that I have always especially admired are steadiness and integrity. Being consistent is so important. That being said, it follows that I feel most impoverished when I look within myself and see contradiction and inconsistency. 853 more words

Thomas Merton

The Simple Things

Sitting here this morning taking inventory of my thoughts and feelings I found only loss. First, I was faced with a message from a friend about her mother’s passing. 125 more words

Quote of the Day

When you gain…interior silence you can carry it around with you in the world, and pray everywhere. But just as interior asceticism cannot be acquired without concrete and exterior mortification, so it is absurd to talk about interior silence where there is no exterior silence.

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Quote Of The Day

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Blessed are the poor in spirit.

– Matthew 5:3

The Gospel of Matthew begins with the genealogy of Jesus.  It next establishes Christ firmly in the ascetic tradition of Judaism as he ventures into the wilderness to meet and be baptized by St. 891 more words

The Seven Last Words of Christ: Meditations on the Cross

(Full disclosure: The author of this book is my friend.)

Yesterday, while in the middle of reading Jeff Blake’s new book “The Seven Last Words of Christ: Meditations on the Cross… 234 more words