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Am I Doing the Right Thing?

The meaning of our life will be found precisely in our capacity to achieve as much of it as is possible beyond those bounds fear would set for us. 767 more words


Why Spiritual Direction?

I have heard it say that the term Spiritual director is a misconception, since it is the Holy Spirit who is truly in charge of the direction. 641 more words



If a newspaper theatre critic, reporting on the previous night’s opening of a play and the entrance of its leading male actor, wrote, “Suddenly the audience came to life as a roaring lion burst upon the stage…” we know right away that he is referring, not to a four-legged, ferocious beast, but to the seasoned actor the crowds had come to see & hear. 590 more words


Monday with Merton

When we do not desire the things of this world for their own sake, we become able to see them as they are. We see at once their goodness and their purpose, and we become able to appreciate them as we never have before.

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Thomas Merton

Prisiminimai apie Thomą Mertoną: kokį vienuolį pažįstame?

Lawrence‘as Cunninghamas vienos savo paskaitos pradžioje pasakoja apie laiškus žmonių, vis prašančių patarti, nuo kurios knygos pradėti pažintį su Thomu Mertonu. Tuomet šis klausia – apie kurį Mertoną norite skaityti: jį – poetą, visuomenės kritiką, religinį, autobiografinių veikalų rašytoją, teologą… Panašiai, atkreipdamas dėmesį į įvairialypę asmenybę, vienuolį apibūdina ir buvęs Getsemanės vienuolyno novicijus Jamesas Finley‘us. 645 more words

Thomas Mertonas

March 2 -- road

Here is a famous prayer by Thomas Merton to get us started this week in a confidence.  It might not be the kind of confidence like “whatever I do today will be good,” but a confidence in Christ who is leading us to walk the right road. 168 more words

Lent: Prayers

Further up, Further In -- And the Difficulties Thereof

Today was a long day.

Its been a long weekend to be honest, as a person who is drained by human contact, by smiling, by witty conversation, I don’t know when I will find time to really recharge. 1,471 more words