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Chris Selley: NDP fell down Quebec's religion rabbit hole. Now, it won't condemn rank discrimination

One wonders what Jack Layton would make of his party nowadays — of the trajectory it has taken since his untimely passing and of the battle to replace his successor, who seemed like such a good idea at the time. 818 more words

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Mulcair calls it 'suspicious' Trudeau won't recuse himself from lobbying commissioner hiring process

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is calling on Justin Trudeau to recuse himself from the selection of the next lobbying commissioner because the current one is investigating two cash-for-access fundraisers organized for the prime minister by wealthy lobbyists. 660 more words


Thomas Mulcair and all federal NDP leadership candidates skipping Stampede

Thomas Mulcair and the four candidates running to replace him as leader of the federal New Democratic Party are not planning to attend the Calgary Stampede this year. 490 more words

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NDP leadership candidates voice support for carbon pricing in Saskatoon debate

Despite fervent opposition from Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, the candidates in the federal NDP leadership race continue to back some form of carbon pricing. 335 more words


Federal NDP leadership contenders square off in Saskatoon on climate change

Four candidates in the running for the NDP’s top job are squaring off in Saskatoon discussing climate change and resource development — a debate that marks the beginning of the homeward stretch in the lengthy race to replace Tom Mulcair in October. 540 more words


Kelly McParland: The NDP appears to have abandoned all hope of actually forming a government

Judging by the tenor of its leadership “race,” Canada’s NDP has quietly reached a communal decision to slip back into its traditional status as a permanent third-place political movement, well insulated from power, where it can comfortably lecture other Canadians on their failings. 959 more words

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NDP leadership candidates call for a return to party's roots

In the minds of many of its followers, the NDP lost its way in the last federal election — and paid the price.

Many blamed leader Thomas Mulcair for advocating centrist policies like balancing the budget without rising taxes, allowing Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to outflank them on the left by promising to run up deficits and increase social spending. 651 more words

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