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NDP steers federal election campaign toward violence against women issues

On a day when NDP leader Thomas Mulcair pledged to invest $40 million in women’s shelters across the country, women’s issues appear to be making their way onto the campaign trail. 622 more words


Gilles Duceppe talks up past Bloc Québécois exploits

WATCH ABOVE: The Bloc Québécois is asking Quebecers to look back and remember all that the party brought them during its years in Ottawa.

MONTREAL – The… 551 more words


Tom Kott: So it looks like Mulcair is a hypocrite. What a relief

Standing five weeks into the election campaign, there is only one federal leader who has promised to limit the size of government, exalted the virtues of the free market, and talked about the need for a private health care system. 670 more words

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Watson: Small business good, big business bad

So far we know half of the NDP’s plan for corporate taxes. In the first policy paragraph on the party’s website, it promises to cut the rate of income tax on small businesses from 11 per cent to nine per cent. 648 more words


Kelly McParland: Mulcair can only benefit from claims he's not a traditional left winger

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d suspect there was a conspiracy under way to covertly boost the image of Thomas Mulcair among non-NDP voters. 768 more words

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Mulcair pledges a national action plan to end violence against women and more funding for shelters

SASKATOON — NDP Leader Tom Mulcair unveiled new measures Monday aimed at curbing violence against aboriginal women as he promised to undo what he called an “underlying attitude of racism” that he says has prevented a national inquiry into the issue. 344 more words


Partisan posturing won't get Fahmy released, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. Six-month-old news, today

Today’s big campaign question: Was Canada in a recession six months ago? Could anything be more pertinent? Was it raining last April? 728 more words

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