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Michael Den Tandt: Nice-guy-in-chief needs to toughen up to stare down Trump, Brexit and global uncertainty

Thomas Mulcair was back to form. In an interview with CBC Radio Monday, the caretaker NDP Leader gamely alleged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent ride in the Aga Khan’s helicopter — possibly a violation, but also possibly not a violation, of the federal Conflict of Interest Act — is a very serious matter of law-breaking by a sitting prime minister. 796 more words

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NDP presses parliamentary watchdog for speedy investigation into Trudeau's alleged ethics breach

OTTAWA — The federal New Democrats asked Monday for a speedy investigation into alleged violations of the Conflict of Interest Act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 571 more words


Michael Den Tandt: 'Mad Max' Bernier will be the next Conservative leader — and other predictions for 2017

Each year at this time I make a few brave, foolhardy predictions for the year ahead, and rate the quality of my soothsaying from 12 months earlier. 831 more words

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Michael Den Tandt: As Liberals stumble and Conservatives fracture, Mulcair has new spring in his step

As MPs head home for the holiday, New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair – for that is what he remains, caretaker status notwithstanding – has a new gleam in his eye. 813 more words

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Is Mulcair Really to Blame?

Its been one year since the federal elections in which Trudeau reigns supreme. Harper has left government and now does consulting. What has Mulcair been up too? 614 more words

Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion A Shining Example To The World.


On Oct. 26 2016, the House of Commons, Canada’s Parliament, adopted unanimously a motion to condemn all forms of Islamophobia in the country.

The fact that the motion received no objection from any of the federal parties shows that the Liberal, NDP, Conservative and Bloc Quebecois members have a clear understanding that Islamophobia is a severe form of bigotry and is not a simple subject that can be ignored anymore. 555 more words

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US Presidential Debates

The three US presidential debates over the past three weeks between debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in several ways affirm the preference of the eye over the ear, or of what we see over what we hear. 818 more words

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