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Cheri DiNovo drops out of federal NDP leadership race after suffering 'two small strokes'

Ontario New Democrat Cheri DiNovo announced Tuesday she is pulling out of the federal NDP leadership race after suffering “two small strokes” in recent weeks. 162 more words


Canada’s Liberal Government Joins NATO’s War Escalation

By Roger Annis | A Socialist In Canada | July 15, 2016

Canadians who hoped the federal election last October 19 would usher in change to the aggressive, foreign policy of the defeated Conservative government are wondering what happened to their wishes.

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Another poll, a bigger majority - Trudeau's "sunny ways" seem to work

“Well, sir, the government are very windy…If it were in my power, I would try the sunny way. I would approach this man…with the sunny way of patriotism, asking him to be just and to be fair, asking him to be generous to the minority, in order that we may have peace among all the creeds and races which it has pleased God to bring upon this corner of our common country. 849 more words


Kelly McParland: Canada's big-borrowing governments learn that profligacy pays dividends

Why do governments persist in running up debt while ignoring the dangers of spiraling deficits? Just ask Dwight Ball. The Newfoundland and Labrador premier took office in December after voters grew tired of 13 years of Conservatives. 664 more words

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Nathan Cullen won't run for the NDP Leadership #ndp #cdnpoli

Nathan Cullen announced that he wouldn’t take another run at the leadership of the NDP in order to spend more time with his family. He also wants to focus his political energy on the electoral reform and climate change files. 101 more words

Cheri DiNovo says what NDP really believes: If you want something, you shouldn't have to pay for it

Cheri DiNovo may not be the person to lead the New Democratic Party to the promised land of electoral victory, but she could certainly serve as the party’s ideal. 797 more words

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"Exit, Stage left"

OTTAWA — With perceived front-runner Nathan Cullen ruling himself out of the running for the NDP leadership Friday, the day after a major win on electoral reform, the race for what some call the “worst job in Canadian politics” looks wide open. 143 more words