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Truth in the Senses

Discussing Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos, Edward Feser says:

Take a stock example of reductive scientific explanation like the reduction of sound to compression waves, color to surface reflectance properties, or heat and cold to molecular motion. 

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Things Visible and Invisible: On the Unseen World and the Impossibility of Materialism

The Christian “worldview”—the biblical understanding of all reality—presents a picture of the world that embraces both the natural and the supernatural, the material and the spiritual, this world and the next world. 778 more words


Why am I a philosophy major?

I start this post by saying: I am the worst philosophy major I know. I do not do readings. I do not attend lecture if there are more than 30 people in the class. 232 more words

In search of the transcendent

By Philip Ebersole

My friend Dr. Robert A. Heineman gave a talk to the Rochester Russell Forum on March 10, 2016, saying that modern philosophy is a failure to the extend that it denies the reality of the “transcendent.” 1,583 more words


The Martian Standpoint


Red Planet Perspectives

It is difficult to discuss human habitation of Mars scientifically because Mars has for so long played an disproportionate role in fiction, and any future human habitation of Mars will take place against this imaginative background. 1,586 more words

Human Nature


I’m just a neutral child in grown men’s shoes,
my mother taught me not to talk with strangers.
And I pretend to look at my life from another person’s point of view, 243 more words


Nagel's Account on Sexual Perversion and Criticisms

Nagel tries to illuminate the account on sexual perversion through a series of psychological philosophies such as sexual desire and human sexual interactions.

Nagel explains sexual desire as a sexual manifestation of perceptions that starts with attraction. 736 more words