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Why Brain-to-Brain Communication Is No Longer Unthinkable

This from the Smithsonian.

For all that science has studied and mapped the brain in recent decades, the mind remains a black box. A famous 1974 essay by the philosopher Thomas Nagel asked, “What Is It Like to Be a Bat?” and concluded that we will never know; another consciousness—another person’s, let alone a member of another species—can never be comprehended or accessed.

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Philosophy Of Mind

Two Arguments Against Physicalism

“Physicalism (also known as Materialistic Monism . . . is the philosophical position that everything which exists is no more extensive than its physical properties, and that the only existing substance is physical.

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Grand Theft Worldview

•  Richard Dawkins calls God “evil,” but tells us evil doesn’t exist. (He’s half right: “Evil” is meaningless without God.)
•  Sam Harris wants to hold people accountable for their actions, but tells us we have no free will. 181 more words


The Meaning of Things


The desire for meaning knows no limits. Where there is no meaning to be found we humans can always invent it. There are even some of us who desire to feel a personal connection with the infinite, to find meaning not simply in our own personal concerns, or those of our species, or the planet we inhabit, but in the whole vast cosmos of which we are part. 1,651 more words


Death as a Value

Death, prima facie, is a distressing prospect. The anxiety that it provokes upon reflection would seem to reveal unambiguous consequences; namely, that death – the secession of consciousness – is an evil, for it is difficult to reason why one would fear that which is good. 2,408 more words


Session Three: 2015 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith

Dr. John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, conducted two sessions, and he was quite entertaining with his English whit. His first session was titled The Nature of Science and the Nature of Nature. 1,169 more words


These are a Few of My Favorite Atheists: Thomas Nagel

I originally wrote this series, “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Atheists”, for the Mockingbird blog. This week’s featured atheist is NYU philosophy professor Thomas Nagel. 911 more words