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What is it like to be a pig’s brain

I read about scientists who brought a pig’s brain back to life
for 36 hours. What is it like to be a pig
without a body? 155 more words


The Philosopher and the Spider

The Philosopher and the Spider

The spider was trapped,

under the rim of the urinal.

We don’t know its origin,

or its means of arrival. 305 more words


Against Reductionist Materialism and Postmodern Subjectivism

Two popular philosophies today are reductionist materialism and postmodern subjectivism. Some of us suspect that neither of these philosophies will work. To begin with reductionist materialism, we level the charge that this view is self-refuting, because it would eliminate the transcendent laws of logic and our ability to reason from our world picture. 1,154 more words

Literally augmented virtual reality

We come equipped with just 5 senses.   We perceive reality by processing the data collected from those 5 senses alone.  Our brains act as meat computers predisposed to recognise, and discern patterns through top-down processing of data collected through those 5 senses.  830 more words


A Brief Note on Two Problems for the Reductionist Materialism of the New Atheists

One way to consider the nature of this world is with the use of reason, by which we might mean reflection, deliberation, avoiding contradiction and searching for consistency, applying critical scrutiny to our beliefs, and so on. 2,847 more words

Essay: Does the death of a person represent a loss of possibilities?

‘Death’ is a widely occurring theme in most philosophies, religions and ideologies. For most people, the fear of death and the general uncertainty of their existence, are profound parts of their lives. 961 more words

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What does it all mean? (Thomas Nagel)

Kapasitas analitis kita seringkali berkembang sebelum kita mempelajari banyak hal tentang dunai, sekitar usia 14th banyak orang mulai memikirkan masalah filosofis- tentang apa yang sebenarnya ada, entah bagaimana kita dapat mengetahui sesuatu, apakah ada suatu putusan moral benar atau salah, apakah hidup mempunyai arti dan apakah kematian adalah akhir. 246 more words

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