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Nagel, on stepping back

From Thomas Nagel’s 1979 Mortal Questions, and still relevant today (as philosophy tends to be), on doubts, questions, and the value of being reflective and skeptical. 557 more words


Hoe is het om een hond te zijn?


Erg veel weten we helaas nog niet over hoe het brein van de hond precies in elkaar zit en hoe het werkt. 1,422 more words


How Knoweth He By the Virtue of His Understanding the Inward and Secret Motions?

‘Presumption is our natural and original infirmity. Of all creatures man is the most miserable and frail, and therewithall the proudest and disdainfullest. Who perceiveth and seeth himself placed here, amidst their filth and mire of the world, fast tied and nailed to the worst, most senseless, and drooping part of the world, in the vilest corner of the house, and farthest from the heavens coape, with those creatures, that are the worst of the three conditions,  and yet dareth imaginarily place himself above the circle of the moon, and reduce heaven under his feet. 795 more words

If death is an evil, it is the loss of life, rather than the state of being dead, or nonexistent, or unconscious, that is objectionable. This asymmetry is important.

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Looking for meaning in all the wrong places

I recently finished reading MIND & COSMOS: Why the Neo-Darwinist Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly Wrong by Thomas Nagel.   If I only read or thought about politics, I’d go crazy. 892 more words


Book Snap: Thomas Nagel's Mind And Cosmos

This was belatedly read, and I’m not sure I even understand it completely, but Nagel does successfully elucidate a couple of not-so-novel ideas contra physicalism. 350 more words


Mærkelige politikere; urart

Af og til bliver man når man påpeger, at der faktisk er kræfter, de aller sorteste rød-fascistiske kræfter, der aktivt arbejder for at udslette nationerne og deres folk, og at det især er vestlige hvide mænd disse kræfter har på kornet for deres påtænkte folkemord, udskreget som konspirationeteoretiker m.v. 1,780 more words

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