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Can anyone know what it's like to be you?

The idea of subjectivity is one which has been contemplated upon for much time, and a common idea is that we should ‘put ourselves in another person’s shoes’. 212 more words


Good Philosophy has skin in the game

“While philosophy corrects and refines some of the opinions and convictions held by common sense, philosophy is nevertheless continuous with common sense and elucidates its deepest convictions by providing their rational basis and elaboration.” Mortimer Adler…

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The pettiness of our troubles

The amount of concern we take for things that do not matter is unreasonable and unnecessary, only causing us more frustration. We have, as first world societies, become too accustomed to our lifestyles, consequently and mistakenly taking them for granted.  257 more words


Who am I?

What makes me, me? Who am I? These are questions we all ask ourselves, though the answer may be difficult to get at, if at all possible. 321 more words


Are we confounding brain, mind and Evolution with neurosciences?

Are we confounding brain, mind and Evolution with neurosciences?

Professionals in a discipline explain evolution and mind with respect to the perspective and terminologies of their discipline.  242 more words


Consciousness 2: Going batty?

One of the reasons why consciousness is considered such a hard problem is because many of the methods that have served us well in other disciplines are counter-productive here. 844 more words


the batcatcher

Tell me what do you think little cat?
About what it’s like to be a bat?
I can’t stop one to ask.
They fly high and too fast. 112 more words