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Thomas Nast from the North Anna River: "On to Richmond"

One of my favorite images of the Civil War comes from the June 18, 1864 issue of Harper’s Weekly. The image, by Thomas Nast, is titled “The Campaign in Virginia—“On to Richmond!” and it accompanied the paper’s coverage of the North Anna phase of the Overland Campaign. 575 more words

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My Letter in The Nation

I know I promised not to post anything else for a while, but this letter, which appears in the May 9-16 2016 issue of The Nation… 205 more words

Paul Blanshard

Political Animals- Courtesy of Cartoonist Thomas Nast

The political symbols of the donkey representing the Democratic Party and the elephant representing the Republican Party were created in the 19th Century. Both animals have been used as political symbols ever since. 126 more words


Immigration and Racial Prejudice: The Chinese Exclusion Act

On the 15th of March 1879, Thomas Nast’s cartoon, A Matter of Taste, was published. In the cartoon, criticising the support of the Chinese Exclusion Act… 740 more words


"Beauty belongs to the sphere of the simple, the ordinary, whilst ugliness is something extraordinary"*...


What’s the ugliest
Part of your body?
What’s the ugliest
Part of your body?
Some say your nose
Some say your toes
(I think it’s your mind) 359 more words

Cartoonists: How has Thomas Nast influenced your work?

Invitation to guest blog on Nast, immigration issues or political cartoons in general!

Did Thomas Nast influence your decision to become a cartoonist? Is there a particular cartoon of his that gave you pause, inspired or disturbed you?   79 more words

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John Oliver: The Blog Post

John Oliver is the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO. He discusses important issues in society that are ignored in mass media. Not only does he discuss those issues but he points out the hypocrisies and corruption in them such as in the Municipal Violations segment. 520 more words

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