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"Boss Tweed," by Thomas Nast, 1871

“The “Brains” Boss Tweed, depicted by Thomas Nast in a wood engraving published in Harper’s Weekly, October 21, 1871

January 15, 1919: One If by Treacle

It was midway through the lunch hour on an unseasonably warm day in Boston, Massachusetts. Folks outside taking in the nice weather were the first to hear the loud rumbling sound and feel the ground beneath them shake as if a train were passing by. 285 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

The Dynamic Duo: Tweed and Nast

To kick this blog off, I’m going to talk about William “Boss” Tweed and Thomas Nast. Tweed and Nast go together like peanut butter and jelly, if peanut butter was a notoriously corrupt politician and jelly was the father of American political cartoons. 693 more words


Nast: "The Drummer Boy of Our Regiment" (1863)

Thomas Nast drew his cartoon “The Drummer Boy of Our Regiment” for the December 19, 1863 edition of Harper’s, detailing several key aspects of a young musician’s wartime experience : … 89 more words


Another Synaptic Holiday History Part 2: The Invention of Christmas

My Synaptic History posts started off as a product of my love for Halloween lore.  I have since branched out to other topics, most of which explore the intersections between fact, folklore, and fiction.  6,182 more words

Union Christmas Dinner

Published on December 31, 1864, and drawn by Thomas Nast,  the above picture has Lincoln inviting the starving Confederate states to join the Christmas dinner of the Union States.  41 more words

History Nuggets: 1863 Santa Claus drawn political and choosing sides

The American Civil War began on April 12,1861… Christmas of 1863 has Thomas Nast…the early creator of political cartoons…drawing the epic sketches of Santa Claus during a continuing war-torn society and Santa clearly has chosen his side of the battle…and in some cases a very political Ho! 53 more words

Christmas 1863