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In Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, he described the reasons why he thought that the new American colonies should detach themselves from their mother country, England. In this review, I will discuss Thomas Paine’s life and his angle on this topic, the good arguments that well support his thesis, and the bad points that he made as well.

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Bells of Nature's Secular Sanctuary

Tiny bells

ringing nearby

All through (Christian) college and (Super Christian) seminary I heard bells–the chimes from the bell tower, marking the hour, or playing a hymn to call us to chapel.   583 more words


You Say You Want a Revolution? Pt. 3

The Common Sense Edition!

Everybody loves common sense.  “Use some common sense” gets thrown around a lot these days.  It’s as if people think that “common sense” is an inherent quality bequeathed to us by the Great Common Sense God.   522 more words

Revolutionary War

Village of Hartland Creates Environmental Corridor Task Force

Merriam-Webster defines Infidelity primarily as: a lack of belief in a religion, while Dictionary Dot Com defines it primarily as: marital disloyalty; adultery, and doesn’t mention religion until its third meaning.   1,551 more words

Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail

An Enlightened Time

The age of the Enlightenment, or plainly known as the Enlightenment, earned its place in American history as it influenced new ways of thinking, living, and writing. 378 more words

Rhetoric And Entertainment


To self-publish or not: it’s an important consideration. Some people are adamantly against it. They doggedly seek out agents and publishers and we can’t blame them. 405 more words

General Interest

What Happened to the Right to LIFE?

By Ryan Lanier

Fellow Conservatives, not only can we be called Conservatives  because we stand for the Constitution, the ideals of our Founders, and limited government, but we could also be called Christian Conservatives. 776 more words

Ryan Lanier