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Los Angeles: Inherent Vice

The film that LA reminds me of most is not ‘Chinatown’, ‘The Long Goodbye’ or ‘Mulholland Drive’, but ‘Tron’. The absence of a specific centre is nicely disorientating, like a dream of a city with no centre, or with dozens of centres spread out across an undulating grid of (in theory) highspeed highways. 2,140 more words


Seventies Interior Design


In the seventies, carpets were a way to signal a certain level of middle and upper-middle-class affluence. As such, they could be found almost everywhere. 764 more words

Inherent Vice

Either Thomas Pynchon was high the entire time he was writing Inherent Vice, or he is an incredibly talented inhabitant of his characters’ lives.  It’s the mind trip, “groovy”, drug-fuelled and dangerous adventures of Larry “Doc” Sportello, a private eye.   410 more words

Wine Sketch and Pynchon

My first pencil sketch of 2017 makes me want to re-read The Crying of Lot 49.

He poured her more dandelion wine. “It’s clearer now,” he said, rather formal. 96 more words


Three Books (or, My three favorite rereading experiences in 2016)

I prefer rereading to reading. Rereading an old favorite can often offer comfort. A week or so after the US presidential election, I picked up Roberto Bolaño’s  336 more words


Ye Bigge Sleepe, Part 2: Stolen Parchment

Summary: It’s my toughest case yet: what seems to be a 14th-Century manuscript of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, only the second one ever discovered. 925 more words

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