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Hearing America as it must sound to a non-American | Gravity’s Rainbow, annotations for page 256

Just before dawn knocking comes very loud, hard as steel. Slothrop has the sense this time to keep quiet.1

“Come on, open up.”

“MPs 2 , open up.”

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Gravity’s Rainbow — annotations and illustrations for pages 203-04

Outside, he 1 heads down toward the quay, among funseekers, swooping white birds, an incessant splat of seagull shit 2. As I walk along the Bwa-deboolong 3 with an independent air… Saluting everybody in uniform 4, getting it to a reflex 5, don’t ask for extra trouble, try for invisible 6.… bringing his arm each time a bit more stupidly to his side.

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Rambling: On Length

By Tony Schwab, Staff Writer

Last October, I went to the BAM Cinematek to see “Out 1,” the famous, mysterious 13-hour film by Jacques Rivette. Never before released in the U.S., it  received as good an ad campaign as any re-release in the past few years. 446 more words


Thomas Pynchon's Novels Ranked Worst To Best

Thomas Pynchon is the post-modern master of our time and my favorite author. After finally finishing all of his books I decided to rank them in order from worst to best. 1,590 more words


Gravity's Rainbow -- Annotations and illustrations for pages 82-83

Overhead, on the molded plaster ceiling, Methodist versions of Christ’s kingdom swarm: lions cuddle with lambs, fruit spills lushly and without pause into the arms and about the feet of gentlemen and ladies, swains and milkmaids.

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Unlucky, Jim

I left my copy of Kingsley Amis’ Lucky Jim, which I was halfway through reading, in a cubicle at the swimming pool. I blame L. He was faffing around while getting dressed, going all blue-mouthed after an icy dip, and I had to intervene. 174 more words

This Kid's Dad

J. Kirkpatrick Sale - October 1969

The Thomas Trail: every contact leaves traces

J. Kirkpatrick Sale – October 1969

31 West 11th Street, New York, N.Y. 17 more words

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