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Sweet on the vine

Vineland by Thomas Pynchon

Vineland, a zone of blessed anarchy in northern California, is the last refuge of hippiedom, a culture devastated by the sobriety epidemic, Reaganomics, and the Tube.

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Unfinished Business

I have considered giving up, at some point, nearly every book that I have read recently. I don’t think it’s a general weariness with reading, I just think that I’m not getting the mix of fiction/non-fiction, fantastical-fiction/realistic-fiction correct at the moment and that I’m reading books when I’m not in the mood for them. 1,198 more words


All the Presidents Fiction

“I am the President of the United States, clothed with immense power.” So Abraham Lincoln acknowledged the authority wielded by the American President, an authority that has only increased over the years. 1,951 more words

Research Conversations

Herman Melville: The Bright Young Thing/Upstart in contemporary American letters and his alleged magnum opus ‘Moby Dick or, ‘The Whale’’

I’ve recently attempted to read Moby Dick, a novel which despite its recent publication, has already been hailed by critics as a classic, appearing as it does (at least in my edition) in a Penguin Classics cover, a tasteful caprice reserved usually for 1) actual classic texts which have accrued enough regard over time to be regarded as indispensable, or 2) opportunistic singers who enjoy holding beleaguered publishers in a post-print era to ransom for their turgidly written score settling autobiographies. 422 more words

Herman Melville

"All investigations of Time, however sophisticated or abstract, have at their true base the human fear of mortality"*...

Thomas Pynchon’s earliest colonial ancestor, William Pynchon, was a key figure in the early settlement of New England (and, as the portrait above attests, less picture-shy than his descendant)… He was also the author of a book which became, at the hands of the Puritans against which it riled, one of the first to be banned and burned on American soil. 110 more words

Mailing A Cult Thru Time

Thomas Pynchon sent two mail systems thru time; I plan to send a cult. The children’s game of gossip accurately shows what happens—distortion. Symbols tend to survive, though. 111 more words


Finished: The Crying of Lot 49

oh jeez this book was weird.

So I initially picked up The Crying of Lot 49 when my friend came into my house with the sign tattooed on his body. 302 more words