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Book Expectations: A Problem with TBR's

There’s certainly no way to avoid having a TBR if you’re a voracious reader. And honestly, even if you’re not a voracious reader, I still think everyone has a TBR, even if they don’t call it that (I’ve mentioned the fact that my mother never reads books on this blog before…yet even she has a list of a few that she always says she’s going to get around to). 507 more words


My ten great books #6: Gravity's Rainbow

If there’s a thread that runs through many of my favorite works of fiction, it’s that they’re often the work of massively erudite authors who are deeply ambivalent—or ironic—about their own learning. 457 more words


A question of agency

I rarely, if ever, get entangled in sharing my thoughts about the goings-on of the world around us, especially the political-cultural upheavals, swells, and movements. This is not out of lack of caring or disinterest, it is instead out of my feeling of impotency. 803 more words


In which I read Playboy for the Thomas Pynchon article

A few years ago I posted a brief excerpt from Jules Siegel’s March 1977 Playboy profile “Who is Thomas Pynchon… And Why Did He Take Off With My Wife?” The excerpt came from… 872 more words


Three potential starting points for reading Thomas Pynchon

Today is Pynchon in Public Day, so here are three books that I think may make good entry points for those interested in, but perhaps unnecessarily daunted by, Thomas Pynchon. 642 more words


May 8: Happy Birthday Vicky McClure and Stephen Amell

As there were no really big names in entertainment born today, it seemed a good time to showcase another pair of relatively new faces in the headliner. 1,136 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

— Thomas Pynchon, writer, novelist, Born May