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Ishmael Reed . . . and more Pynchon (Books acquired, 5.22.2015)

So I finished my second full reading of Gravity’s Rainbow today. And then I read the last section three more times. And my brain feels fried.  73 more words


Selections from One-Star Amazon Reviews of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest



passably clever

completely pointless

superfluous logorrhea

spawn of PC Elitist writers

reads like a math textbook

This is the T.S. Eliot Effect

terminally adolescent drivel. 894 more words


God's spoilers (Gravity's Rainbow)

What you felt stirring across the land… it was the equinox… green spring equal nights… canyons are opening up, at the bottoms are steaming fumaroles, steaming the tropical life there like greens in a pot, rank, dope-perfume, a hood of smell… human consciousness, that poor cripple, that deformed and doomed thing, is about to be born.

371 more words

Inanimate Objects Have it Out for Me

Tonight, as I was cooking salmon with my girlfriend, I went to check on a side of corn that was heating in the oven. The pan burned my hands through the oven mitt, which had worked perfectly fine every other time I’d used it. 584 more words


Inherent Vice: un hippie dream con Anderson y J. Phonix

Por Alberto Escalante Rodríguez

Puede que Anderson se haya visto seducido en esta ocasión por la complejidad narrativa y argumental de Pynchon, puede que la estirpe californiana de la obra original le haya tocado también, tampoco se antoja imposible que la posibilidad de explotar temas como la  conspiración y el sectarismo le motivaran a esta empresa llamada… 1,327 more words

LINNE Magazine


Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson brings us into the paranoia-filled, drug-fuelled world of Thomas Pynchon’s 1970-something LA. Staying loyal to the novel, the film grooves left and right alongside Joaquin Phoenix, as he tries to navigate his way around the absurd and surreal to solve a mysterious disappearance. 134 more words


2015: the story so far (Part 2)...

Continuing a look through the first few months of the year…

Grade: B-

16: Kingsman: The Secret Service

An enjoyable cartoonish succession of guns, suits, fights, explosions, suits, quips, gadgets, suits, secret lairs, more suits and a delightful top hat. 503 more words