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George Saunders (2017) Lincoln in the Bardo.

Usually, I know what I’m going to say, although I’m not quite sure how I’m going to say it. I guess I’ll start with the author, George Saunders. 882 more words

ABCs of 1001 Books: The Crying of Lot 49

A – I was about 30 pages into my 183 page version of Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 when I began to suspect it would be a novel of the absurd. 1,286 more words


Film and Fog: An Homage to INHERENT VICE

“Forget it Jake… It’s Chinatown,” lingers the final words of the titular Chinatown, probably the finest mystery ever put to film. This thought, this confusion and dissatisfaction, has lingered and weaved itself into every new one since, not least of all PTA’s undoubtable neo-slacker-noir genre masterpiece. 306 more words


Ode to Little Things

Portrait of Dostoevsky, Klimt & Goya posters, Lorca’s drawings, a voodoo doll, polished shoes, and chapter 1 of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.

Personal Life


Written 1990

Acquired at The Springfield Township 2017 Book Sale

Read October 28, 2017

At work the other day I was reading Vineland at lunch and a coworker asked me what it was like, and that she had never read anything by Thomas Pynchon. 807 more words


Gravity's Rainbow

Last night I dreamed I was plugged right in
To a bubblin’ hookah so high,
When all of a sudden some Arab jinni
Jump up just a-winkin’ his eye. 262 more words


Inherent Vice

“What’s up, Doc?” —Bugs Bunny

I haven’t read much Thomas Pynchon, only The Crying of Lot 49, but I actually enjoyed that more than…

420 more words
Thomas Pynchon