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Pep(less) Rallies at CHS

by Thomas Reardon

The pep rallies at CHS are useless. I believe that they hurt the student population’s school spirit more than they help it. While there are certainly some students that enjoy the half-hearted worship of CHS athletics and watching the awkward activities, that doesn’t describe the majority of students. 199 more words


Legal Specialty Not Required for Affidavit of Merit

A Law Division judge has held that an Affidavit of Merit in a legal malpractice suit does not need to be issued by an attorney who practices in the same area as the lawyer being sued.  265 more words

Erik Anderson

3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Conviction of Sen. Wayne Bryant

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the criminal conviction of Senator Wayne Bryant for corruption.  As a result of his conviction, Bryant was sentenced to four years in prison. 478 more words

Erik Anderson

Defense Verdict for Doctor Who Amputated Man's Penis

A Kentucky jury rendered a verdict in favor of a doctor who amputated a part of the penis of a man without first obtaining his consent.  215 more words

Erik Anderson

The New Jersey Supreme Court holds that the right to trial by jury attaches to a Rova Farms bad faith claim.


The NJ Supreme Court recognized in Rova Farms Resort, Inc. v. Investors Insurance Co. of America, 65 N.J. 474 (1974) a “bad faith” cause of action against an insurer.  1,147 more words

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New Jersey Supreme Court Overturns $1,750,000 Jury Verdict and Orders New Trial Due to Plaintiff Attorney’s Improper Comments Made During Closing Arguments

On November 21, 2005, 69 year old Camille Risko slipped and fell in defendant’s automobile showroom. According to her husband, who accompanied Camille to the dealership, a plastic runner on top of the carpet was waterlogged. 1,479 more words

Erik Anderson

Don't copy my Wallaby...the battle of the wine makers

The producer of Yellow Tail wine has filed a federal law suit in New York against the maker of Little Roo wine for trademark infringement.  Yellow Tail (the nation’s best-selling imported wine) is alleging that Little Roo’s label, which features a kangaroo, is an attempt to profit off of the wallaby used on Yellow Tail’s labels.  126 more words

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