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Szasz On The Myth Of Mental Illness

This semester, in my Landmarks in Philosophy class, I used Thomas Szasz‘s The Myth of Mental Illness as one of the three texts on the reading list (The other two were Mary Wollstonecraft’s… 474 more words


Faith in Freedom: Libertarian Principles and Psychiatric Practices

For those interested in freedom, psychiatry and Thomas Szasz, the book Faith in Freedom gives the reader insight into Szasz’ commitment to freedom and personal autonomy. 577 more words

Thomas Szasz

Jeffrey Schaler On Thomas Szasz

Jeffrey Schaler and Aaron Olson talk about Schaler’s new book, Thomas Szasz: The Man and His Ideas. Szasz was a psychiatrist who did not believe in the concept of mental illness. 7,309 more words

Thomas Szasz

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis: The Theory and Method of Autonomous Psychotherapy

What is Autonomous Psychotherapy?

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis is a brilliant book on how to practice ethical psychotherapy. But, what is psychotherapy to a psychiatrist who does not believe in mental illness? 567 more words

Thomas Szasz

Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers

Why do we consider some drugs dangerous, and other drugs as safe? For author Thomas Szasz, the answer lies in the meaning that we assign to chemicals; not the chemical makeup of the drugs themselves. 477 more words

Thomas Szasz

Forgive and Forget

Someone you know — maybe someone you love — has “done you wrong.” You’re upset, angry, and hurt. What do you do? Some of your closest friends and confidants might tell you that you’re better off without that person. 476 more words