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The Patient

The third cryptomind discussed in “The Mind Club” is the Patient.  The authors expand the concept of patient well beyond the medical context.  “Patients are perceived to have experiences and to be sensitive and susceptible to the actions of others.  835 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Five Mind Blowing Quotes by Thomas Szasz

April 15, 2016—Thomas Stephan Szasz, the libertarian academic and psychiatrist, was born on this day in 1920.

Libertarian author Brian Doherty once claimed Szasz was “someone who understood the damage to the human soul, for lack of a better word, that the notion that other experts—smarter than you—should be able to classify and manage your life,” making him “very emotionally stirring in a way that some of the economist libertarians were not.” 432 more words

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Anti-Psychiatry / Psych Reform Reading List

For those of you who’s interest in the Anti-Psychiatry / Psych Reform / Mental Health Abolition movement has been piqued by my previous post, here is a list of relevant books that I am currently making my way through. 105 more words

Organic Mental Health Manifesto

He who does not accept and respect those who want to reject life does not truly accept and respect life itself. – Thomas Szasz http://dlvr.it/KhPmSV


Lay Siege to the Therapeutic State: Unmake Psychiatry

Freethinkers should fight to abolish what Thomas Szasz called the “Therapeutic State.”

The Therapeutic State is the marriage of government and psychiatry. Government is the warmongering tribal leader. 1,320 more words

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Caplan and the Crank; or Don't Touch My Meds, You Bastard

Some years back I met a guy who eagerly billed himself as “the angriest mayor in America.” He was coming to speak to some of our students. 1,768 more words

Politics In General

Cos' it Runs in the Family

The Politics of the Family and Other Essays
R. D. Laing

I first encountered the title of this book’s central essay in college where it was used to label one of the courses in the nascent… 1,015 more words