Goths dance to Thomas the Tank Engine

A video of a group of goths dancing to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune is going viral online. 77 more words

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And Now, Cybergoths Dancing To The 'Thomas The Tank Engine' Theme Song

Nothing will ever beat “Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Engine.” Like, literally nothing ever. Joel McHale and Alison Brie could be naked for all of… 84 more words

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Thomas ~ a poem

This is a poem I wrote almost two years ago. I wrote it to be read out loud, so either look both ways to make sure no one can hear you, or lock yourself in the bathroom! 42 more words

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Neil Patrick Harris Knows A Lot About Thomas The Tank Engine

Eli is obsessed with Paw Patrol right now. Not familiar? Above is the show intro for you to sing to yourself FOREVER!

Yay right!? Eli will watch this day or night (especially when he gets up at 7:45 when my alarm is set for 7:51) Ugh…. 34 more words


How I save myself from screaming during brushing teeth time

Naturally as a pre-schooler Bertie doesn’t like having his teeth brushed/getting dressed/face washed/ doing as he’s told.  I don’t have any time-saving tips on how to encourage any of the above apart from brushing teeth. 298 more words


New trending GIF tagged no smh smdh thomas...

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Who is More #ThomasObsessed?

How often do you find yourself rattling off facts from your choo-choo tot’s favorite TV show? As dad of two, Neil Patrick Harris knows exactly what it’s like to know all the Thomas & Friends songs, train names, personal engine numbers… by heart. 66 more words

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