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🛏Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs

Hello Dreamers!

We are doing another silly song video!

Thomas Minis Nursery Rhymes | Silly Songs. Thomas And Friends Minis jumping on the bed song & more. 50 more words

Back on Track

I live with a 7 year old boy who has been in love with trains since just before he could speak.  He couldn’t say “train,” but he dutifully carried around a wooden train in each hand everywhere he went.   424 more words


PLAY DOH THOMAS & FRIENDS GUESSING GAME! Guess The Engine Surprise Thomas The Engine Learning Game

Good Morning Dreamers!

Well, I must say, I am so excited! All of a sudden our views have doubled and I hope it keeps doubling! Even if it does, it was a pretty good feeling! 240 more words

Thomas And Friends Minis Family Finger Song | Nursery Rhymes

Good Morning Dreamers!

Haha.. So my kids LOVE these types of song, but me and my sister.. not so much lol.. I thought it would be though to sing these since they do love them so much, and what better than to use THOMAS MINIS! 52 more words

🚂Thomas The Train Attacks Little Boy! Accidents Will Happen! Dream Team

Hello Dreamers!

This was so much fun! With the spider pranks being popular we thought we would try it with Thomas The Train instead!

Zieke LOVES Thomas more than anything so this was super fun to do. 46 more words

Ultimate Enemies to Mom Sanity (part one)

Just a non-exhaustive list of stuff that threatens my sanity, sometimes.

Paper everywhere. I got my kids scissors. Ones with safe edges. Well, that was a lame idea. 731 more words


Dearest Trains (A love letter from my toddler to trains)

A letter from my toddler to trains:

Dearest Choo Choos,

I hope you don’t mind me using my pet name for you in such a formal letter, but I feel it is only right. 625 more words

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